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  1. Hi Alwin, As I told Bobby the same thing just happened to me as well, good timing I suppose, anyways both my wife and I tried what you said Alwin and found that it was easier to do it in Default Female & Default Male mode. (basic SL avatars...ughhhh..lol) and it worked well. For me it was a mesh hair that had created the problem, we are not sure with my wife but it looked like it had something to do with her eyebrows, but either way we made them transparent so for all intents and purposes it worked. I would really like to thank Alwin & Bobbie for your advice and ideas as they were really appreciated. A big thank you for all who replied it was great to have so much input into our problem. Rheaven Resident
  2. Hi Bobbie, I have just had the same thing happen to me, I was trying on a mesh hat with hair and it didnt rez properly so I detached it and when I did I noticed hair like my wifes sticking out...I put the hat back on then took it off but its still there, as with my wife I cant click on it to edit it out. I am thinking its set up like a ghost of the hair from the mesh so when it the hat was detached it left a ghost of it behind...I am thinking now my wife must have done the same as me. We cant detach them as they are not there technically, according to current outfit. Thank you for the information though, Rheaven
  3. Quite a long time ago my SL wife somehow got hair stuck inside her head, we have tried everything we can to get it out but nothing works. When she cams inside her head she can see it but she cant get edit mode to work on it so she can pull it out, she had gone into default female mode twice and when she puts on her body/shape etc the hair is still there. She cant click on it at all to pull it out. Please does anyone know what we can do about it? Every time her head bends forwards it sticks out a little so we cant just leave it there. 1 - https://gyazo.com/44ac2ef3697804ef1698b872b2b92d60 This is what it looks like inside her head. 2 - https://gyazo.com/45909881d74289a701564b0ed9fbc1c8 This is what it looks like when she bends her head forwards. Rheaven Resident
  4. I would like to open a Market Place shop for my creations but a friend of mine told me that the Market Place is closing down at the end of the year. Is this correct? I hope it isnt as I love shopping there, its easy, I can nearly always find what I want without having to the try and find shops that sell what I want. Please dont close it down if you are going to, its my lifeline on SL. Rheaven Tussaud
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