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  1. Hello all! :matte-motes-wink-tongue: I was wondering if I could get some help for something I'm creating. I'm trying to do a purse with a furry effect. I was playing around and textured the purse in my photo editor and smudged the ends. I was testing this out on a sweater also. On the sweater around the bottom it turns out okay but on the clutch.. not so much...:matte-motes-confused: The sweater and the clutch on the LEFT I have set inworld Edit Mode with Alpha% 0. Its pretty rough & sharp and doesn't look fuzzy and soft at all. On the right I have it set to Alpha %1. The sweater is nice an
  2. ah thats not good for me considering I have to use it every time I create. Catznip is nice and there is less lag but i still crash when using local textures
  3. Someone please help me. I use the latest firestorm viewer and I have to use local textures to create clothing items. But using local textures while editing... I save a picture (no matter what kind. tga,png, jpg..etc) and it ends up crashing. I can't work like this. So I was wondering what else you all would reccomend for a good and stable Mac viewer. I have been seeing a lot of people talk about nirans viewer but it does not look like they have a Mac version yet. I currently have to use Singularity and its not the best for me. TY for your help!
  4. Mkhai

    Tight skirt prims?

    I'm in the process of making a tight skirt. I've bought skirts where they make shorts and then give a skirt prim to add on and fill in the gap between the legs... Thats what I'm trying to make but... I have no idea how. Do i buy a sculpty? Or do i make my own? I tried building/making my own, but when i push it close to the shorts on my avatar.. she moves back -.- Any help please?
  5. I made my product into a folder because there's more than one piece to it the pants & the underwear.... But when i drag my folder into the magic box and re-sync... the items become seperate instead of in the folder. How do i make them into one so when people buy they get both pieces? I've read thru the forums already.
  6. I'm trying to get busy & sell some things in the marketplace. I went thru the forums & did some research & im stuck on this part about the merchant outbox. It's supposed to be in the menu Me>Merchant Outbox i think & its not there. I downloaded the default viewer & its the one im using. I also downloaded Firestorm but i dont know where to begin in that viewer. Any help? Tips? Just trying to get my entrepreneur on. Thanks :)
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