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  1. Firestorm viewer for Secondlife will not start?.. AMD A10 7870K and MSI R7 250 running in dual graphics locks up at VFS initialization. both graphic options running alone work fine with firestorm viewer. Problem only exists in duel graphics mode and hoping to get a bit more performance is why I added dual graphics in the first place. Other games I have played work fine in dual graphics. Driver Packaging Version 15.201.1151.1010-151118a-296614E
  2. what is the complete procedure for uninstalling and re-installing SL viewer? I understand there are temp files to delete before uninstall? but when i opened windows explorer the folder that i need to open is locked. i am using Windows 7 perhaps this would solve the problem of SL viewer thinking its still running and refusing to open? I have uninstalled and re-installed allready but did not remove any files beforhand? If this is needed than how exactly how do i do it? thanks
  3. I was in SL and attempting to TP when my entire system crashed so badly that I was forced to restore the pc . Then when I got it all back together SL wont load and says that it is already running.....I went to task manager first and there are no applications running. I have installed old and downloaded latest version but when I try to start SL I still get same message. I dont think I have a modem . I do have a wireless network. Could that somehow be involved?
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