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  1. yeah i know what you mean and i did the exact same thing that you told me and it seems that it isnt there i just didnt received the items , also got the popups and told me that i received it but still nothing, do i have to wait or just restart my pc cause its confusing me right now p.s some items from the marketplace are working and are in the objectfolder
  2. thats the problem , it doesnt appear in my objects folder even if i click ''keep'' and i know how to unbox now thankss : ))
  3. ok so ive tested it with another item [hair] and it comes with a pop up message and it says keep delete etc, but i didnt saw that at my other items [or maybe i just didnt noticed it ] what should i do now?
  4. Hello people im new to secondlife but i cant figure out how to change clothes, i bought some stuff in the marketplace and i cannot find it in my inventory?? and yes i really purchase it with $L they even send me a email with the stuff i bought i really dont know what to do right now and yes im playing it on advanced [i think ] theres alot outfits like robot avatar and vampires and female rocker etc... ugh im such a n00b also found out that i have to open a box but i cant find the item at all in my inventory so thats difficult anyone??
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