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  1. WLM sarcastic non paedo bastards xxx
  2. Anyone else here affected by GDPR especially on pixel ads?
  3. I agree with Thornill. I've worked hard in SL for little pay, paid a lot in RL wages for loads of gain- all I see with a paid account is MLand that's not really appealing to me, sorry
  4. Am I actually in a CP ring and I naiively thought it was some lovely virtual world? Dark times.
  5. (You) "Not sure where there is, but... Pedophilia Pedophilia is defined as an ongoing sexual attraction to pre-pubertal children." Some bleed earlier than others.. they 're not necessarily fair game. Why are you trying to bury child porn shops by justifying *****ing the barely legal? Seems a bit odd.. is that the least you can get away with on the forum mate?
  6. Again *think about what you are saying here* menstruation does not make someone a f**k target
  7. Girls go through puberty as young as 6...I did.. do they give consent?
  8. Think carefully here, we're talking *informed consent* which by your definition is as early as puberty.
  9. So you do consider that children in pron give consent, especially if they undergo it early, as many girls do aged 9?
  10. Legally, it is paedophilia here but I am aware that everywhere in the world is different.
  11. No, but derailing or no-platforming discussions about the prevelance of child pron whilst advocating the prevelance of minor fetishisation is a bit odd..
  12. Which male paedos will always push the case for on the internet
  13. I can't really be the only person here who looks at a child pron shop and thinks- lol nope. Or was I so naiive all this time thinking it was all about sailing and dancing?
  14. Yeah.. this is kids. Some of it RL photographic. As much as people who like to ***k kids try, there's not really much about justifying the fetishisation or photography-for-SL-profit of kids, they're kids. *rolls eyes*
  15. I think it really depends on where on SL you are and where in RL you are to be honest. I've lived in different cities across the world both in SL and RL, each one is different. I sometimes notice that SL is a predominantly female world- but in RL still male. I've lived in places both RL and SL where you get no harrassment- or you can't walk to the shop without it. It's the same in that way- but in terms of the fact that RL women are oppressed because of their reproductive systems and physical strength, no- it's not the same. It's really not.
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