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  1. yep I feel you! Honestly I would really be interested if someone would start legal proceedings over the fact that they chose to release homes this way instead of a waiting list. It would have to be class action. To tell you the truth I am currently salty enough to sign up for one if there was one over this.
  2. Oh god its like the documentary world after humans left accept SL edition 😨
  3. don't remind me had one sit and stare at me from just outside my land at one point I tried everything to get rid of it 😱
  4. I think the party is finally winding down
  5. Yw! No complaining about the amount of pink I wear when you see me
  6. Columbia called they said they cant supply that much coffee!
  7. I blamed my darned furry friend. He is still mad at me for saying he might not exist he is from Finland XD
  8. good cause I want that neighborhood they got nice people and a kid riding a bike selling icecream o.o
  9. I don't want a houseboat I want one of the fancy new land houses
  10. When a certain MMO that shalt not be named did their server migration they kept stringing us along with specific times for the server to be back online. what added insult to injury was that these deadlines they kept failing to meet then posting another deadline a few minutes after the servers were supposed to be back up. It is incredibly irksome to keep stringing users along like that. Many of us waited for several hours for said servers to relaunch which they only did two days after the relaunch date was missed. I am grateful that LL did not do this for us. I would rather someone tell me they have no clue what time it will be back up then have me waiting to get back on at a specific time.
  11. Dang, too bad I could not dig in. I am way too far away logistically to help nor would I be much help w/o being trained for the specifics first.
  12. Btw @Tommy Linden for us tech nerds can you give us an idea? Former Net+ and A+ student here curious about the workings under the hood
  13. I'm back! So logins are enabled now? Or did you disable them again right before I got back! xP
  14. alright I gotta go pee! So now would be the perfect time to let people in and for me to miss it!
  15. Yeah! guessing they all either moles or lindens having a party w/o us plebs
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