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  1. yep I feel you! Honestly I would really be interested if someone would start legal proceedings over the fact that they chose to release homes this way instead of a waiting list. It would have to be class action. To tell you the truth I am currently salty enough to sign up for one if there was one over this.
  2. Oh god its like the documentary world after humans left accept SL edition 😨
  3. don't remind me had one sit and stare at me from just outside my land at one point I tried everything to get rid of it 😱
  4. I think the party is finally winding down
  5. Yw! No complaining about the amount of pink I wear when you see me
  6. Columbia called they said they cant supply that much coffee!
  7. I blamed my darned furry friend. He is still mad at me for saying he might not exist he is from Finland XD
  8. good cause I want that neighborhood they got nice people and a kid riding a bike selling icecream o.o
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