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  1. This is a shout out to all you biker types. I need some help please to find the best possible settings both for SL itself and my bikes. I can't ride at all without flying all over the place. I've spent HOURS adjusting settings on bikes and SL and no matter what I do - what bike I use - or what track I'm on ... I bounce and jump and fly all over the place. Please feel free to drop a line here or even better yet find me in world. Thanks so much Inx sphinxy1
  2. I'm trying to give LL a whole lot of money but evidently they don't want it. It's the same card I've used often and I know there's money on it - but keep getting an error when trying to save the info. Help? Ideas? Thoughts? To clarify - I am trying to add a payment method to purchase lindens. It takes one of my account cards but is refusing the other. I keep getting the "temporary error" notice but I've been doing this for two days.
  3. Thanks but am not a noob. I do all the "fixes" way before I ever come to this forum and usually wait a min of 3-4 hours for LL to screw their head on straight. Two days of this crap... I just paid out 17 grand in lindens that I paid for and now... the thing I'm suppose to do tomorrow that cost me this money... I'm gonna have to cancel. So yeah.. I'm a little steamed at this point.
  4. not only that but it's like the third one today.... this is getting ridiculous... I may have to take a closer look at IW...I love my SL but when it gets to stealing my money from me... which it is basically doing... it's time to start looking around. So sad.
  5. Is there someone out there who can give me an estimated time on when I'll be able to access my inventory again? I haven't been able to get dressed in two days and now I can't even be more then a cloud. ZERO access to inventory. I've spent A LOT of money on lindens lately and it seems to be all for naught as I need to be involved in things TOMORROW. Why spend money on lindens if I can't play the game for days on end?
  6. Ok - so SL status says it's now Resolved - and granted I can now actually SEE my inventory - however I can not rezz or wear anything nor see myself. Will this work itself out as well? I need to know if I must cancel my evening meeting.
  7. thank you very much - I shall continue to wait then :matte-motes-big-grin:
  8. I have read the unscheduled maintenance for today: [POSTED 1:07 PM PST, 06 December 2013] We are currently performing unscheduled database maintenance. During this time, some residents may be logged off and will be temporarily unable to log in, or experience inventory loading issues. Please check back here for updates. And I see where it says inventory loading issues. Please tell me I will get my inventory back because as of right now.... I have NOTHING. No Av...No Clothes.... No Things... No Anything at all. Many thousands of things and hundreds of thousands of lindens ...........gone. It has been several hours now and frankly I'm getting a might worried.
  9. Is there ever a day when SL doesn't have an issue? If it's not scheduled maintence - which ALWAYS makes things worse for awhile until the fix THAT) then it's unscheduled maintence, or log in issues, or tp issues, or transaction issues, or inventory issues, or rental issues, or or or or or or or or... really? It takes money to make money. LL should make an investment and get SL back on track before someone comes along and makes a better one.... oh wait... I hear there is one already in the works. Watch out LL.... you may just have some competition comming!
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