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  1. this is the second time i log in this week to play second life on firestorm viewer. today seems have a big problem something i don't know how to fix  

    List of events 

    1 Media Plugin fail ( Media_plugin_Cef) after click to close

    Log in and keep getting Program not responding in Task Manager

    when finally  inworld keep getting freezing up every 10 to 15 second. cant click on any thing

    force to close viewer by Task Manager


    please i need help 

  2. we all seen the porn on the net. is okay to use some adult picture as art . My question is that is allow for us to take picture from random free porn site and turning it into art 

    I am thinking of doing Panel art with adult background picture. 


    also while here i like to  know if okay for me to grab wallpaper and turn them into panel art


  3. the other day i build green screen and did my first green screen photo. but seems I ran into a issue. my photo had lace and when to remove the green and haft of it when way. is there any way around THAT?

    note this is my finish project with my first test. with paint.net . mostly use color to alpha 

    also is any good color that will work with dark elf avatar with back hard and mostly black skin?

    and also does same for hair when i take green screen with black hard . tranpartity of hair. 

    ex : flic.kr/p/22VJ2ZT

  4. A very beautifull Exotic Drow is looking for shemaleor female Domme who want to a new pet or Sub. hopping the right person will keep me in a dream thinking I am someone who belong to them. Hopping this come true.

    My likes are as follow 

    Mind control
    **bleep** cage or Chastity



    eastern time zone

    feel free to Im me or leave a post here

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