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  1. tell me how to buy linden from malaysia? i from malaysia. so i dont know how to do
  2. same here i dont have any credit card or paypal as long i use linden to firstmeta, they never not give me a linden from them.. already 2 years i use linden in second life im really trust them when transfer linden to my sl account they never lie who use them to buy a linden please help us if Ifyou have a feeling of sympathy for t he people who don't have a credit card or paypal, please pull back confirmation about this scam... because as long as i use my sl account to linden, they never deceive any Member who wants to purchase linden from their...not everyone from anywhere is capable of any credit card or paypal. We can only use linden lab to transfer linden to our account... please trust them and our pity right isi ncapable of work or have a credit card or paypal. I'm totally frustrated with this all.
  3. linden purchase not unavailble...im really sad of this..... linden lab.. please.. im beggin u... i dont have work to buy sl linden use paypal or credit card... i just use mol point or linden use for my sl account my heart is break when i know this...im really frustated....
  4. xyla12


    .i was try to transfer linden to my account.. but they said purchase linden is unavailable?
  5. tell me where is the best hair in sl.. :)
  6. what hair the best in sl?
  7. i just have problem with them.. first meta exchange... i already drop my ticket to first meta exchange web..but still dont have answer from him.. i dont know to do now..my friend get his linden today..but me..not yet until now.. im waiting more 24 hour..3 days already..anyone have sugest to do this?
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