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  1. Thank you. So it seems without mesh and without stuff from MP nothing can be done. I wish AO creators would take that into account and avoid expansive head movements.
  2. I hope I will succeed in expressing myself clearly enough, English is not my native language: I have an AO which includes head movements. But the eyes stay looking straight in front of the avatar (standard, no mesh components), so if the head turns right, the eyeballs are in the left corner of the eye, if the head looks down, the eyballs disappear under the eyelids - who takes a close look at my face at that moment, sees only the white of the eyes, creepy. So can anything be done to make the eyes align with the direction the head faces rather than keep looking in front of the avatar, even if the head doesn't? A setting in the viewer perhaps, or a script? (I am having this problem in OpenSimulator as well, so a HUD or other item from marketplace wouldn't help.) Seaching the forum about issues with eye movements, I found some answers suggesting to fiddle with the "look at targets" settings or to alter the attentions.xml, which I tried to no effect. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mir war gar nicht klar, dass man in SL Schulden haben kann. Was passiert denn da, werden die irgendwie eingetrieben? Wird am Ende dem Avatar ein Finger gebrochen? Nein, im Ernst, hat das Folgen?
  4. Nur weil die meisten sich ohne Not anderswo - freiwillig - glaesern machen, is es noch lange nicht sinnvoll, Datenschutz und Privatsphaere generell und ueberall fuer unmoeglich zu erklaeren.
  5. Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere, muss dazu ein Guthaben bei Paypal vorhanden sein, also direkter Tarnsfer vom Bankkonto ueber das (leere) Paypal-Konto funktioniert nicht (anders als etwa bei Ebay). War das vielleicht der Grund?
  6. The idea of friendship turning into love is a nice one, and I think such relationships have the potential to be very happy. Sadly many people have a very fixed checklist when it comes to a potential partner, men often including specific looks in this checklist, women rather profession, social standing etc. I think people in relationships that came to happen like that are amongst those who enter SL to have "SL romance" strictly seperated from their "real", "checklist" lives. If someone has a romantic nature but lives alone, he or she will hope to find someone anywhere, that is natural. Those who are rather introverted and find it hard to socialise in places like pubs, bars, or clubs will hope that interactive media like chat or Facebook or SL will make it easier for them, that is also natural. I think it is counterproductive to say "If you are expecting too much, you will only get disappointed", or "Place in the internet X is a bad choice if you look for true romance, all cool people seperate their real lives from the internet" etc. Finding someone to love is the most important goal in life for most people, so if they are alone, they will be open for it anywhere. Lonely people who dare to still have hope, even on the nternet, shouldn't believe they are naive or strange. If you have hope you may indeed get disappointed, but without being open and having hope, chances to find someone - anywhere - will only get worse. I know of two marriages between people who got to know each other in boring, old-fashioned, 2D chatrooms. (I liked chatrooms because I liked real time conversation with people I didn't already know. Sadly chatrooms seem to be dying, at least here in Germany.)
  7. Ich bin des Englischen recht gut maechtig, dennoch bevorzuge ich in allen Lebensbereichen meine Muttersprache. Ich glaube nicht, dass sich daraus ein Intelligenzdefizit ableiten laesst. Was ich nicht ganz verstehe, ist die ueberweigend englische Beschriftung der Internetseiten eines deutschsprachigen Magazins: "The SL Magazine", "News", "Events", "Locations", "Storys & Interviews" usw. (Die Mehrzahl von "Story" ist uebrigens "Stories".)
  8. Madelaine McMasters wrote: As for the longevity of technical products, Microsoft abandoned DOS, Win3.x, Win95, Win2000, and recently WinXP, which is about the age of SL. Apple abandoned 68K applications a decade ago and PowerPC applications a few years ago. They'll probably abandon the iPhone 4 this year. Analog TV and cell phones are gone, as is most magnetic tape I am still using computers with Windows 98 and XP because of certain hardware and software. I also have a working C64 but more for nostalgic reasons. In my town analog cable TV is still avaliable. Non-smart cell phones have a lot of advantages - no OS by Google or Apple for instance, and people don't waste that much time with these that can be spend on more important activities. Like, how do those silly smartphone addicts think they will ever achieve something namable in MMOGs and virtual worlds? ;-) I am still using audio cassette tape to record analog radio broadcasts, using a nifty recorder that allows time-controlled recordings. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Where's the flying car my Dad was promised? It is older than you might think - this thing was flying in the 1950s, but despite having some advantages over helicopters, the project was abandoned due to fuel consumption - a well scripted build of it in SL would be nice: Piasecki Airgeep (model kit artwork) Teleporting and avatar flying should be the exception and not the rule in future virtual worlds, better go for good physics. Using cool vehicles is so much more fun! Imagine rezzing areas and object entry rights in abundance - and don't forget the parking lots this time! ;-)
  9. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I have You don't give the impression if you can't distinguish it from terribly bad acting in standard porn.
  10. Coby Foden wrote: But why in this thread? shrug-1.gif Why not start a new thread: "Porn and German law"? As I said before, I just said it as a side note, to Ebbe Altberg who talked about things that would be legal in SL. Apparently he did not mean legal everywhere. Then people began talking BS about it and I only corrected their mistakes.
  11. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: How do you know they are acting. How do you know they don't actually make those noises when they orgasm? You know, some people have experienced real female orgasms, so they have something to compare. If you are interested in experiencing real female orgasms, try other things with female bodies than using them like a sex toy.
  12. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: How do you know its bad acting? You think the average performer in porn has acting skills? Detecting bad acting there is not rocket science. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Condoms are a part of mainstream porn nowadays. Usually if you do not see one it is due to the fact that the actors are monogamous with each other. LOL. You really think Porn stars dont use birth control? Porn actors do a lot of things that are not shown or communicated in porn, like, they usually have to provide a recent medical certificate that shows they have no STD. But what is shown to the consumers is random sexual activity with random poeple. If porn is influential, it applies to what is shown and not to circumstances behind the scenes. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Just because they tie up a woman and treat her like a sex toy does not mean they hate her, nor does it mean she is being abused. I've established that, according to your fine morals, tying a woman up and using her is a sign of love and respect.
  13. Ok. Since you insist I am of the mass-murderer-type: People who declare to be past argumentation, because it is sufficient for them to defame their opponents and to bask themselves in being part of the majority, are of the type that causes genocides. "That's probably not something you want to hear either, though, but something you objectively probably know to be true blah blah."
  14. Leia36 wrote: Germany or any other country does not have the power to dictate to other countries their laws. Germany undoubtedly has the power to prosecute it's own citizens who distribute porn without age verification, no matter where the internet service they are using resides. Leia36 wrote: SL is not standard porn as I understand it, so your assumption is incorrect. I was responding to a post that dealt with porn in general. And of course there is also standard porn in SL, it would be strange if there was only non-standard porn in SL.
  15. Freya Mokusei wrote: The law clearly only has power over German citizens Which is all I have been talking about in this thread. Freya Mokusei wrote: There is no apparent threat to German Second Life users Only that causing pornographic depictions without safe age verification being in place is a crime and that German police officers are present in SL.
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