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  1. Hello! Is the job still available? Here you can see the work of my friend who does custom mesh works : http://www.nirmcbride.com/2012/10/saucustom-works.html Please IM Hermiione Resident if interested.
  2. Hello ! I am in need of some Ls so I'm doing photography ! My portofolio : http://www.flickr.com/photos/madeleynne/ http://hermiioneresident.tumblr.com/ Please scroll for all the photos (recent ones are mostly blogger stuff) Prices : 1000L one single photo (headshot or full body ) with your choose of BG Couple - 1500L Couple of 2+ - 2000L no matter how many. I also do morphs,even if you can't see them in my work. Also I retouch Real life photography - the prices are the same . PM on : Hermiione Resident or leave reply with your SL name and I'll pm you. See my other thread about translations : http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/Translator-for-hire-Click-for-languages/td-p/1719583
  3. Hello everybody! I need some US$ so i thought I can do something in SL . I can translate from : English to Romanian Romanian to English French to English Spanish to English Portuguese to English . Please leave here answer or inworld (Hermiione Resident) If you need someone to translate your documents,Zyngo notecards or anything. The pay is negotiable depending on the size of the document .
  4. Hello everybody,again! I just added my credit card info's to my account and I'm trying to sell some lindens so i can convert them into USD's! It always says that I crossed my limit which is o.ooL$ I saw that some people said that I've to buy lindens in order to sell some. So i bought some (600L) since I don't need more. Do I have to buy more? I also filled a request for a limit extension yesterday about this hour, it says I've to wait 25 hours or so. So,anybody can help me?
  5. Hello everybody. I recently started to use a Visa card ( Euro < 26) Can I add it as my billing info? I saw that there is the option to add Visa and Visa Electronic,well,this card is Visa Electronic but it is for people under 26 years old /students Is it better to make a paypal account than using my credit card? Can I withdraw my linden dollars in RL as dollars ? If yes,what is the limit per month/week ? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey. I think a priest would NEVER do that lol. Only WATER into WINE . Just sayin'
  7. Found someone. Thanks everybody.
  8. I prefeer them to IM me . It is a simple but important task for me,is about living in sweden and some questions.
  9. Found someone,thanks everyone
  10. Hey Motty! That is just great ,i will sign up and also put your blog on my blogroll in anycase! Thanks for the advertise!
  11. Hello fashionistas. Who want to be added to my blogroll? we can exchange our bloglinks for the blogroll ,just leave her the link to your blog and tell me if you already added me so I can add you to mine. <3 http://hermiioneresident.tumblr.com/
  12. Hey thar' ! Vive9 has a beautiful leather skirt at Collabor88 and it's only 188L http://www.flickr.com/photos/44396698@N03/7750725976/in/photostream Here's an image of it . Also FANATIK has some http://www.flickr.com/photos/25362331@N03/7167057645/ . Hope you like them!
  13. Hiya Grace. Try wearing a hairbaise /eyebrow base and then try the character test and the rebake thing again. If you still see yourself as a cloud it may be from your PC,I'm not sure thought,one of my friends' avatar couldn't get back to normal until she bought a new graphic card.
  14. Hello Sasori! You just have to clear your cache. The way to clean it is : Ctrl+P(Preferences)--> Advanced--> Clear Cache--> Ok--> Logoff--> Login--> The end^^ If you can't find the "clear cache" button in the Advanced tab just check all the tabs after you click Ctrl+P. Hope it helps you!
  15. Hiya. You should try the body co. they have gorgeous realistic skins,pale or which tone you want and you can choose your eyebrow color and stuff. Their price range is from 1000 to 2000 but you'll be happy a long time.
  16. Thank you so much SL and everybody !
  17. Hello there! I'm a photographer and I enjoy doing pictures. I mostly like portraits because i like to concentrate on the face detailes. Here's my photostream : http://www.flickr.com/photos/madeleynne/ If you'd like me to get your photo done please contact me in world : Hermiione Resident with a NOTECARD then we can discuss the price! Madie x.
  18. New year ,new me ,right?
  19. I'm tottaly into : The Body Co skins Vive9 skins Treh Blah skins
  20. This is such a nice idea. Here i'm standing with my girl friends : And many other...
  21. Hey there:D I like your style! I also like shopping and stuff ,maybe u can IM me,also there's my flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/madeleynne/ i love photography! ( I gave my flickr to you so you can see if we have stuff in common )
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