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  1. I am hoping that the next initiative undertaken by LL here in the forum will be to give the Escorts, Hookers and Pole Dancers a venue to highlight their talents. It would be educational as well for those of us who wish to make contact with them. They would have the opportunity to explain what it takes to become a sex worker here in SL, itemize their services and price structure, and where they can be contacted. It would also be a good idea to have a section of the forum set aside for us to provide reviews of their services. Things like whether they do Voice or Cam, the quality of the experienc
  2. Congratulations! What a wonderful story to hear that you have refound what was once lost. And thanks to this forum that made it all happen too! LavaLife, eHarmony and Craigslist could learn a thing or two here.
  3. A fine looking specimen Caitlin. And a gentleman to boot? I hope that you may once again find each other and join you in your hopes that he is well.
  4. A noble sentiment Venus. Pity that I can not now benenfit from her expertise here in these fora. LL would do well to ensure they keep their most valued assets inhouse rather than let them go elsewhere.
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