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  1. The Library in my Inventory contains whole Linden avatars with clothing and attachments but I cannot access them. I tried copying from Library to Inventory. No. I tried wearing the avatars from the Library. No. I tried cutting and pasting the avatar components from Library to Inventory. No. How do I access the contents of my Library? Why is it there? The avatars I mean are in Library / Clothing / Initial Outfits
  2. Any movie that I try to watch in SL, whether it is pre-loaded in my tv or a purchased dvd, freezes after about 10 minutes. This is a recent problem as watching movies was never a problem until about a month ago. What changed? How do I fix it?
  3. I am setting up a skybox art gallery that is aquatic-based and want the rooms to be full of water. What can I do?
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