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  1. i think you gave us a great traditional location as you were still on the access list so thank you
  2. we went with an exterior kitchen in exchange for dining room space , this piece from dysfunctionality worked perfect for our needs , 5 Li for the corner kitchen looks great , they also had some cute other indoor kitchens
  3. had a great time at the hideaway with my better half ( my dog ) left my partner home ; P thank you tessa paige, happy holidays everyones
  4. some vehicle choices people seem to be making for the driveways their Victorian homes seem a little out of place and awkward for the time period ....just saying
  5. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyacinth/225/184/42
  6. we boat 4pm slt at the fairgrounds pier , everyday we do a marine parade around bellisseria, join the fun if you don't have a boat we will get you one
  7. my partner first got a houseboat in the boat house expansion in may, i got our traditional about a month later.My partner then got us a camp site with her alt about three weeks after campers were first released. We are still in those three spots and have no plans to try for other spots. Our spots were not perfect , but home is what you make of it, and we were thankful to get what we got .I was considering making my alt premium for the new theme, and as lovely as the victorians are, they just do not wOw me enough. I will wait a see what and if a fifth theme might be?
  8. where is the lm for this venture, i would like to take a look an perhaps participate (1) Go here: 􀀀 ?(2) Join the group Season of Love & Friendship so you can rez things. Don't worry. You can leave the group as soon as you are done.
  9. Most of us had some stress trying to get our home or style we are looking for here in bellisseria, for many of us it took weeks, hang in there you will eventually land a houseboat. i hope you can get one soon, but since demand is still high might take a bit
  10. it lOoks awesome , i have seen two others of your cafe creations so far, the jupiter , the critter, and will be visiting this very festive santas hideaway soon. Kudos to you for your always fun decorating and keeping your place as a fun open stop for the community travelers. More in bellisseria should have this sense of community, and be less worried about the neighbors yard .Thank you again for creating another fun stop ; )
  11. well i would say if you start censoring peoples ability to celebrate holiday& seasons, then you are opening a hUGGE can of worms for all and not just the winter holidays .For example many people had some pretty sketchy halloween decorations which some people found objectionable because of real life trauma, example would be skeletons hanging from trees, and such . Not everyOne is going to like or appreciate the same things, and you can not expect your likes to be forced onto everyone . if you find something objectionable you have the ability to derender, as it is only for the season, and will be gone in a couple months. People are individuals and we are not all cut from the same cookie cutter.
  12. we decided to open our home for all ....still building on things , But feel free to Visit west ivory,for a pint , Surf lessons ,some CAke or ice cream, Or bait and tackle for your fishing trip, Our borrow our car or helicopter for a nice ride around the neighborhood. Open rez up to available prims
  13. does anyone know why linden land auctions for mainland have listed as out of stock for two days now?
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