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  1. after about a month and a week of refreshing, i finally got my first home in bellisseria on june 21st , 2019, which i still have open to public today in old west bellisseria , with open rez up to 70 li , a couple vehicle rezzers for public use. Stop by for a beer or ice cream and more fun... the dog is friendly , just a little salty .....https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/West Ivory/200/168/0
  2. had a super fun time at the parties , thanks for all the fun, cheers to the bellisseria hammies and all the belli hamminals ,great job and always an excellent time
  3. you need to refresh the page, and bellisseria homes if available will usually show first but , it does not hurt to check the drop down menu, occasionally it will be hidden but not usually. there is a refresh limit i think of like 6 times in one minute i think
  4. at the moment the homes that become available on bellisseria are in high demand , and you really need to watch the house available page closely ad be a quick clicker with some luck to land the type house your looking for, because many people are doing just that . this link might also help
  5. hi kitty welcome to the block i do recommend these two groups secondlife:///app/group/0913c244-8878-95ba-c08c-81fc2214b555/about Bellisseria Events secondlife:///app/group/f7b0c9d9-ab6d-30d1-e37f-52b2bb132074/about Bellisseria Citizens there are many other specialized groups you can find just doing a search on your viewer using the key word bellisseria
  6. since it looks like millbank , i would assume millbank copy or mill bank clone
  7. i have been seeing some grey anomalies the past few days over the Victorian regions of bellisseria , both on the maps.secondlife.com web page , and on the in world map. they appear over the Victorian regions, and not old bellisseria or the new log homes. I have asked around to a few people and they see them also , so is not just me. Anyone have any ideas what they are or what is causing this glitch?
  8. i submitted a ticket to acquire some abandoned land behind a parcel my group owned last monday i was contacted by whitney linden who helped me fantastically and had land by thursday or friday( i can not remember which day) so if your land requested something they do not want to put on auction you should be hearing back from them(i am guessing )
  9. Many people are going to disagree as to what is in theme and what is not , not every ones ideas of the theme is the same.Although i agree there are many questionable builds out there , that could be questioned and possibly ar'ed , it is not up to premium members to make those calls, and is definitely not cool to be posting photo's of them on the forums, and getting the pot stirring started. If something is clearly breaking the covenant of height , out of parcel , causing excessive lag, etc. then by all means ar it. But if it is a measure of what you feel belongs on someone elses parcel , is
  10. long shot but ,did you set up build for group under the about land options- menu? it would not effect the parcel owners ability to build , but would effect the groups and alts abilities to build if this has not been done
  11. yes but i think it will also have you not hear sounds off you parcel_ world tab -about land tab - soundtab _restrict object and gesture sounds to this parcel checked
  12. slender was spotted yesterday at the bellisseria ball , and the relay for life event at the fairground, not sure who to be more ascared of the slenderman or the guy with the cow& pitchfork
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