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  1. Hello ChinRey and Haiku, thanks for the replys. @ChinRey are you absolutely sure that (quare) planes are limited to 31x31 faces? That would be a blow for my litte project Unfortunately Primstar/Jass appears to be buggy on my Blender, but when I insert a new sculpty using that plugin, then it offers a plane with 32x32 faces .. so I have still hope it might work somehow. @Haiku: many thanks, I'll take a look
  2. Hello there, I'm trying to create sculpties (type: plane) in Blender and ran into some more basic questions (as I'm trying to create my own Blender export script for sculpty creation). I thought the underlying mesh of a square sculpty is made of max 32x32 faces. That means the resulting sculpt texture has a resoultion of at least 33x33 pixels since 1089 vertices are needed to define that mesh. I think that should be correct, but I fail to create a sculptmap that creates a 32x32 plane in SL. Somehow always a row and/or column is either missing or much to small. I tried around with diffent resolutions of the texture, upscaled it, used loss free compression, tried png, tga and used the hints from http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpted_Prims:_Technical_Explanation ("The plane requires a 33x33 grid, which it samples at pixel positions 0, 2, 4, ..., 60, 62, 63 in each direction. "). I looks closely at the textures in PS and it all seems fine. Maybe someone can provide me with a working sculptmap that I can look at? many thanks!
  3. Thanks Chip and Callum. I wonder if theres a way to make your own terrain. I'm willing to sacrifice lots of prims for it but. A 64x64m mesh-tile with the same number of vertices as terrain would eat around 250 prims and I'd need 16 to cover a sim, so that is too much. A 12x12m sculpty would cover the same texture resolution as the terrain, so I'd need ~450 sculpties to cover the sim. Still insane even if I'd happily spend so many prims. Guess I have to try and experiment more ....
  4. Hello Optimo, thanks for the hint, will take a look at this tool. Yes I respected the limitation and only touched the z-axis. I did some further tests now and it seems that the uploaded raw data gets processed in some way, hence the terrain differs somewhat from the reference. Guess thats not a problem in most cases but I hoped i can rely 100% on the reference in blender which is not the case I created a bit of an extrem example to illustrate: Screenshot of terrain in Blender The exported raw in PS for checking, looks fine Screenshot of the terrain in SL .... yuck, look at the ringing! Wonder if I should file a Jira ticket ... uploaded raws should not be cooked (processed)
  5. Hello there, I was starting to play around with terrains and ran straight into issues, wondering if they are known issues and if there are solutions ... Since I wanted to setup the whole sim- scene in Blender (latest version) I thought it was a good idea to download the terrain to work on it. I got the primstar-plugin for blender which allows .raw import and importing the .raw works fine, but exporting leads to a complete flat terrain (on the sim, as well when reimported in blender), so something goes wrong here. The primstar latest version is rather old so I tried again using an older version of Blender (2.59) and here the export works.... well ... sortof. When looking closer at the imported terrain on the sim and comparing it to the reference in blender, it appears rather rough, even the parts that are absolutely smooth in blender. But thats not the only issue: the general accuracy appears to be lacking. Some points differ a whole meter of height from the reference in blender. Since I wanted to align offsim-sculpties perfectly to the terrain this is a big problem for me ... I wonder if these accuracy issues are bugs or if the fileformat used for export limits it? if the latter is the case then I can sortof bin the whole project ... Maybe someone could shed some light on this? Or maybe someone knows other tools for working with terrain .raws? Many thanks!
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