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  1. Hello ChinRey and Haiku, thanks for the replys. @ChinRey are you absolutely sure that (quare) planes are limited to 31x31 faces? That would be a blow for my litte project Unfortunately Primstar/Jass appears to be buggy on my Blender, but when I insert a new sculpty using that plugin, then it offers a plane with 32x32 faces .. so I have still hope it might work somehow. @Haiku: many thanks, I'll take a look
  2. Hello there, I'm trying to create sculpties (type: plane) in Blender and ran into some more basic questions (as I'm trying to create my own Blender export script for sculpty creation). I thought the underlying mesh of a square sculpty is made of max 32x32 faces. That means the resulting sculpt texture has a resoultion of at least 33x33 pixels since 1089 vertices are needed to define that mesh. I think that should be correct, but I fail to create a sculptmap that creates a 32x32 plane in SL. Somehow always a row and/or column is either missing or much to small. I tried around with dif
  3. Thanks Chip and Callum. I wonder if theres a way to make your own terrain. I'm willing to sacrifice lots of prims for it but. A 64x64m mesh-tile with the same number of vertices as terrain would eat around 250 prims and I'd need 16 to cover a sim, so that is too much. A 12x12m sculpty would cover the same texture resolution as the terrain, so I'd need ~450 sculpties to cover the sim. Still insane even if I'd happily spend so many prims. Guess I have to try and experiment more ....
  4. Hello Optimo, thanks for the hint, will take a look at this tool. Yes I respected the limitation and only touched the z-axis. I did some further tests now and it seems that the uploaded raw data gets processed in some way, hence the terrain differs somewhat from the reference. Guess thats not a problem in most cases but I hoped i can rely 100% on the reference in blender which is not the case I created a bit of an extrem example to illustrate: Screenshot of terrain in Blender The exported raw in PS for checking, looks fine Screenshot of the terrain in SL .... y
  5. Hello there, I was starting to play around with terrains and ran straight into issues, wondering if they are known issues and if there are solutions ... Since I wanted to setup the whole sim- scene in Blender (latest version) I thought it was a good idea to download the terrain to work on it. I got the primstar-plugin for blender which allows .raw import and importing the .raw works fine, but exporting leads to a complete flat terrain (on the sim, as well when reimported in blender), so something goes wrong here. The primstar latest version is rather old so I tried again using
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