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  1. IM me in world as to what I want made. I can't explain what I want here as it wouldn't be suitable for this PG rated forum.
  2. ahhhhhhh I see Great skins by the way Ry0ta I bought one today.
  3. Wondering why I see like 36 reviews for example on an item and only 6 actual text reviews? I know I can't review an item until I type in the box and star it. How are the other 30 reviews getting past doing that?
  4. Thanks! I've been waiting for a can't log in message after that. Looks like it's not going to happen after all How you all get your profile photos large like that with the name and date and posts? Won't let me go over a certain size.
  5. I was checking out the female avatars at the beach the other day. I saw this one female avatar that was smokin hot! lol So I get an IM from her telling me to stop looking at her. I asked her how she knew I was looking at her and then she went on to tell me about the Show Look At. I didn't stop looking at her even after she told me to stop. That really got her angry. I was 75 meters away from her to. So she said I was harassing her and that she would file an abuse report on me. Can she really do that?
  6. All water eastern sunrise view parcel. Selling for $10,000 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Trollhaugen/219/97/21
  7. I was exploring and happened to come up on a 1024 parcel with a store on it. The parcel was set to sell for $999,999 The store owner was there and I asked her why she was selling her land that no one would even think about buying for $999,999 So she informed me it helps generate traffic to her store. She logged off before I could ask her more. So my question is how does that generate traffic? I looked at her parcel traffic it only had 13 traffic.
  8. While scouting around for land I came upon a Abandoned Linden parcel with a residents store set up on it yet the parcel is set for a Linden Maintenance group build only. The land objects tab shows there isn't any objects on the parcel at all. How is that possible? I would put a photo to show but I see nothing that screams out ADD PHOTO.
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