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  1. is LL ever going to fix this issue with ones dropping from search? i own Tgurls Island Premier Shemale Danceclub and have been out of search for 3 days now and seems issueing tickets does no good. the 30l is nuthing compared to the 1000's we r losing thru the club daily because of this. i have been thru jira and seeing hundreds upon hundreds of issues with this but seems to be going no where as for a fix on this. i have had dozens come to my sim and check to make sure ALL settings r correct which they are. i have even had the estate owners send tickets on this and seems we are getting no where. i have patience with LL as we all know they are a huge place but lets get this issue fixed ASAP so we are not having to shut clubs down because of the loss of guests and money. this is definately an issue that LL needs to put on high priority b4 ones get irritated to the point of giving up.

  2. i agree with phoebe on this one. i have the same issue going on with this with my club disappearin when using certain viewers. I fully understand LL is non stop on keeping this place going but i seem to think bugs should be fixed 1st b4 tryin to take a new step. seems they take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Lets all hope they resolve this soon tho cause u know u wont be refunded ur 30L a week. lol  



  3. I have a club that has been shown in search for 2 months now up until sunday morning. I do have the show in search boxed checked. It will not show up in search now in SL viewers or firestorm but it shows up in phoenix viewer and cool viewer. these r the only viewers i have checked with. I do notice that the search windows in SL viewer and firestorm is the same as phoenix and cool viewer are different. i have even typed the name of the club in and it says "no results" Is this an issue with that type of search window? i know 30L isnt much but paying LL to have them offer this service and not workin in their own viewer is an issue when ones are trying to find you. Does anyone know why this is happening? Because in some viewers my club does not exsist. just wondering if ones have had this issue before?

    Ty for any that can answer this!

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