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  1. There is also those very sensitive people who mute for the dumbest things imaginable as well. Shame when you meet someone like that they must be missing a lot
  2. This is so stupid. Honestly. You dont accept prepaid cards? AND you stopped all other sellers from selling lindens who actually do accept them? SMH.
  3. wow thanks! Whent straight to pink fuel and managed to find the tattoo and it worked very well, managed to get one that matched my skin, Totally recommend this to anyone, amazing!
  4. Hi, I hope i put this in the right section. Anyways I recently made my av a femboy, and i had a really awesome skin in my inventory, but its a girl skin and now i have flat boobs. I was wondering if there was a tattoo or something on the market place that could hide them for me.
  5. So yeaa i guess my first account is going to be deleted, I didnt know that if you cant pay your premium membership fee that it would be banned then deleted. I owe 20 dollars, but as you can tell i cant pay it, money right now is not going so well, lot of rl stuff. Getting loans, possibility of moving ect ect ect. SO of all the time of having that account ive spent at least...i dunno, over 100 dollars. So all that goes down the drain because of 20 dollars? out of all that ive given? I was hoping to be able to pay it off but no luck and then i see that the account is banned. And the chances of me being able to pay it isnt looking good. Is there anything i can do? This just does't seem right to me at all. Yes i know i could have cancelled and all that but like i said, I was hoping to be able to pay it off. So yea..Is there anything i can do? I cant pay for it, I just dont have the extra money to be spending on this thing anymore, i got more important things at this time. And i really dont want to lose this account, i put way to much money and time into it.
  6. 2 days ago, I bought 2 things on the SL Market Place and havent recieved them. Even made a ticket too, still no anwser but i was wondering, is the market place down or something? My sister sent me a gift too and i did not recieve it, there was a notice in the local chat but no menu popped up for me to accept
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