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  1. Today at Noon SLT Rochester county will be re-opening its doors to public roleplay! We will be kicking off the day with a paint-ball tourtoment! Prizes will be awarded to the TOP 3 players! 1st Place wins 1.5k L$ 2nd Place Wins 1K L$ 3rd Place wins 500 L$ After the event, there will be a small party! Roleplay is open threw out the entire event! Come over and look at this beautifuly crafted sim! Bring your Friends! Come have some fun! Event starts at 2pm SLT!! Hope to see you there! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Delight/112/181/22
  2. I'v been having this issue where im standing on 1 region and the adjacent regions are not loading and I cannot get onto that sim without crashing. I will be standing fine and going about my work on the sim that i am on, but if i attempt to walk or teleport onto the adjacent sims it dose not connect me and it crashes. As well none of the objects are loading on that sim. ideas?
  3. Looking for a nice rural place to sit down and have a nice relaxing roleplay? Fort Stone is the place! Ft Stone Texas is a small community of dedicated roleplayers on a sim resembiling a small town in the back woods of texas! Come join our small community! There is always somthing to do! From doing a civil service job such as police, fire, medical/EMS, Road crews. To joing the 1/67th Military Rp group!:matte-motes-big-grin: There is always somthing to do in our small little town. So come join our family! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ThorStone%20Village/122/63/21
  4. Thats right! Sim wide paintball tourtiment on Sunday Febuary 17th at Bridge Meadows. Full sim wide paintball tourtiment! Teams are allowed but this will mainly be a free for all fight!!! Battle starts at 1pm SLT!! Paintball guns are supplied at the event. Possible prises for winners of the Free for All and Team events!! Dont miss it!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Friday%20Harbor/107/203/25
  5. Bridge Meadows Rural Roleplay Community. A Grwoing community of 2 sims based upon a back woods town in up state New York. Come vist this highly detailed sim group and imerse yourself in the back woods down homw country feel. Theres plent of things to do! Visit the local tatoo ship and get some ink. Go play paintball at our custom built paintball/feild ball feild. Those dont fancy you? Visit the arcade and verse your friends in some friendly games! Looking for more adult themed fun? Go to the bar! Veiw the hottest girls this side of the state!!!! Wanna do somthing illegal? Start a still and smu
  6. How long dose it take cash credit from the LindenX to transfer to Paypal?
  7. Are Visa Debit cards accepted for biling?
  8. Yeah iv been building recentlly and iv jost gone to try and setup a few of my builds for sale. I went threw and I cannot change the permisions on any of the objects of my older builds. Every prim and sculpt i created. I could change the perms before but now i cant. Help?
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