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  1. December 1-31 The Winter Bazaar is a festive, Outdoor, Winter Bazaar, where family, friends, and vendors can have fun while making the most of the holiday spirit! #The Place Plaza will be transformed into a winter wonderland! A horse-drawn Sleigh will be running throughout the plaza, Ice skating, snowball fights, hot air balloon ride and many picture moments with that special someone. (The ice skating is open to the public now!) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cocteau/227/51/22
  2. All logins have been disabled while they are doing the maintenance.
  3. It really hasn't been that long, give them some time and they will fix it! Reading some of these messages reminds me of me when I first came to second life. Everyone take a deep breath, they will fix it.
  4. Unfortunately, no one can log in at the moment... https://gyazo.com/b753ee0c2dc2fe601caaa9ee48ec0752 I'm sure they will have it up soon.
  5. Jason-Markey-Steven174: hey nice avatar...im new to this game and saved 238 of those linden things from a contest and camping...im trying to get this skin/shape combo for 700...i feel bad for asking but can you lend me 462 so i can get it?...if not thats fine too...just seems nobody wants to help me out I can not tell you how many times I have reported this activity, to deaf ears it seems. This is harassment in the worst kind. Something needs to be done, it chases away good people from the clubs, because the bot or whatever it is continues to spam. I agree, it gets the group list, I have been spammed at my own home, no where near any of the clubs. THIS has to be dealt with by Linden Labs. It makes people want to avoid certian clubs because of the harrasment.
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