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  1. http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-13071 it's a bug.
  2. Try Display > Animation > Joint Size.and make the joint size smaller
  3. " “We’ve got a viewer, but it’s so crashy, and the crashes are mostly in material property editing, that I don’t want to distribute it yet…. I’m concerned that doing so would result in a lot of broken content lying around,” Oz informed me." " I asked Oz if the crash problems were related to physically applying maps to objects and / or object faces. He confirmed that this is indeed the case – and that the latest (non-public) version of the project viewer can crash if even the parameters for maps applied to an object / object face are modified. However, he went on to say, “Hopefully we’ll get the worst of the crashes dealt with soon, and then we can start giving it to a wider audience. We’ve already solved a bunch of them, but it’s not quite ready for even open alpha testing.” So, for those who commented on the lack of any update following my last SL project update from week 9, I’m afraid the situation still appears to be one of, “Hurry up and wait.” " http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/sl-projects-updates-week-10-1-server/ Rahkis Andel wrote: How does LL time relate to Valve time? Maybe the deformer project will be like episode 3 :robothappy:
  4. The deformer I have no idea about. Last I heard it was on hold. Then again I get all my info from other people or third party blogs. It seems to be too hard for the lindens to inform people that dont attend the meetings on what's going on. Materials: "There has been significant progress in fixing the known outstanding issues on the project which are standing in the way of a public project viewer and viewer code appearing. Speaking at the TPV Developer meeting on Friday 22nd February, Oz Linden said, “Our list of things which must be fixed before we can hand it out to people is now down to one.” However, there is still no estimated date as to when a project viewer and source code will actually appear Real Soon NowTM, which appears to put them both closer than Pretty SoonTMand Real SoonTM on the LL scale of things" source: http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/sl-projects-week-8-3-viewer-materials-and-ssb-load-test/ So maybe in a month. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe in half a year. Who knows.
  5. Thanks for the update. The materials look very promising. Nice to see it in action rather than just hear about it. Looking forward to the day we can use them. :matte-motes-nerdy:
  6. I see the question is posted every now and again in the usergroup. The chat logs are never updated so I was wondering if anyone can fill me in? Any news on when we are gonna get either materials or custom joints? Or any other excited news for the matter that has been discussed in the group? Thanks
  7. Sure is hard posting the transcripts. Drongle Thanks for making a point in the agenda about the logs. I like reading them and knowing whats going on.
  8. Logs from last two weeks are missing.
  9. Meeting notes seem to be missing from 2012-03-05
  10. Satu Moreau wrote: This was fixed by using a different skeleton someone linked me to, but now I have a new problem. It doesn't rearrange my av's proportions to that of the skeleton, instead stretching the skeleton and mesh to fit the av. Did you just scale down the skeleton? I've been having to rebuild the skeleton to get something that's smaller than the default. In SL I then left all the appearance sliders on 50. It left my rigged model slightly stretched which was annoying. I didnt feel like playing around with the sliders or attempt anything else after that as it was all just got too much and I had to step away from it, heh. Gonna get back to it soon and see if I can get it perfect Let us know if you work it out and what you did
  11. Cathy Foil wrote: I wish LL could set up a page the we all could contribute files to supply all the needed templates and meshes for people to get started with their particual program and version. I guess that's what the mesh wiki is for. I haven't edited it or added anything to it so I could be wrong I've also only found the skeleton and model in separate files so I can't help you there. I wish LL themselves would provide some more files for the creators and also some more documentation.
  12. Chosen Few wrote: ..or applying it to a prim, I'm not aware of any workaround, no... Does that mean if you carry a tiny prim say inside of your model the texture would load? I haven't expierenced this bug yet, so always nice to be prepared
  13. I scaled down the the old rig + model and built a fresh copy on top of it. (guess I could just scale the rig and model before skinning it. Guess Ill try that next) Ignore the mangled body. Didn't paint any weights (or spend any time on that model, for that matter) I'm not exactly a rigger so I'm sure there's more efficient ways of doing it.
  14. Searched around a bit but can't find anything helpful. Only a dead thread that had no answers. I'm having problems getting my tiny rigged meshes uploaded. Using Maya 2012. I've seen the blender videos about scaling the rig. Tried it in maya. nothing. Tried it again and Killed the non-Deformer history. Exported both directly from maya and from FBXconverter 2011.3. Still it's just the standard size. Bone offset has worked fine but now I'd like to get just a standard proportioned tiny rig uploaded. any ideas of what to try next or even better if someone knows exactly what to do? Thanks! Edit: actually, Could someone post a picture of either there avatar not wearing an alpha layer or their hidden avatar while wearing a tiny rig. Does it just bunch up the unalphad avatar? I guess offsetting all the bones manually might have the same effect? It's too late now and my mind isn't working right. Thanks again.
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