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  1. Only one more Draught one left, but several bottles of Extra Stout. Stop on by.
  2. I tried to log in a at aprox 10:30, US east coast time (SL+3), and got the "We're having problems connecting" message. No bigie, BUT, nothing was posted under Grid Status. They didn't out anything there till just before 11AM. That's more my complaint, LL is very poor at letting people know what is happening. Went off and did a bit of simple cooking, and some kitchen chores, just tried again. SNAFU I think Homer Simpson is the caretaker for LL's servers Anyway, off to the back porch, with a book and a Guiness Draft. Have fun, all.
  3. To the OP, if you are using Internet Explorer for your browser, tha's your problem. Use a different browser, like Firefox, or the built SL built in one. The OC updater doesn't work with IE.
  4. looked for a answer, even asked a cpl collar wearers, no luck. I have the Owner's HUD, know how it works and how to use it, when wife is wearing her collar and it's on. But, when I'm in a location, and click the search for collar wearers, and it finds one, it asks me to select which collar wearer to cage, and if i choose a name, it asks what type of collar. Is this a normal function? Is that all that's supposed to come up? And do these wearers expect to be caged? One woman I asked wasn't aware that I could do that. Thank you.
  5. Dang, never thought that. Thank you.
  6. For menu commands, one must put the 1st letters of sub's name as prefix. How does one do that, if sub has single name? Example, Jane Doe would be jdkneel. What if she is named just Jane? Thank you.
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