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  1. I have been Event posting for this venue for several months with no problems. Now when I try to post with basically the same wording. It tells me it has adult content. The settings on the land is M, the wording has not adult content words. Basically, it is DJ Nick at The Ivory Keys, from 5-7 pm SL. We will be celebrating Ebony and Ivory. He will be playing Big Band and other Dance Bands. Suggested Dress is Black or White Formal. Please, Join us. I reported this back at the 1st of March, after a couple of weeks without being able to post. I have met a few others, who have not been able too post also.
  2. I have been posting the same event for several months, with no problems, It is a M rated and About land says M and URL is M. But it says it has adult content. There is no Adult Content. Why won't it let me post?
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