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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am using Windows 10.
  2. It turned so bad starting over a year ago. I have not been able to login to secondlife in i don't know how long. It's' been well over a year. I just sit there looking at "requesting region capabilities". It sucks bad. Please fix it.
  3. I would just like to say that the new Inventory system SUCKS. and SUCKS bad. I was just flooded with like 15 deliveries from the marketplace from purchaces made on Dec 27t. Plus I was flooded with replies ( IMs ) to all my hard work of sending IMs to 8 different merchants at the same time. Whatever you are doing to the inventory system you need to put it back the way it was as it is very frustrating to buy something and not recieve it, Nor recieve the replies from the merchants. Also, having to take the time to look up 8 merchants, search them to get their profile up 8 times, Write 8 notecards with the time and items purchased, etc. and for the replies to get just as lost as the deliveries???? what's up with that? I will no longer buy from the marketplace because waiting 10 days, and to inventory maintenances later is entirely too long to wait for your purchaces, and top that off with thinking the merchants just could care less if you recieve it or not because your new inventory system also must apply to IMs as well It worked better before SL felt they had to buy if from the one who created it.. At least when it was xlstreet my deliveries came in a timely manner. Now in the hands of big corperation it's a failure, So. be warned, buy at your own risk now that it's in tha hands of SL and the new inventory system
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