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  1. Okay ... one more quick question. If the premium account is paid up front for the whole year, would I still have to pay the $5 per month land fee for 512m part of the 4608 parcel since I am not taking the "starter parcel land and or home". The 512m CAN be applied to the 4608m parcel making it 4096m and a land fee of $25. I hope I asked that correctly because reading it back just made my head hurt !! Thanks so much for everyones help !! : )
  2. Thanks everyone for your help !! : )
  3. The land is owned by Govener Linden ans the group is Maintenance. Would that make it estate land ? I am pretty sure it is on the mainland. Thanks for your help ! : )
  4. Hi all !! I have been looking at a parcel that is 4608 m in size with a prim usage count of 5236 and parcel supports count of 1054 . According to the chart I have been using for pricing a land of that size, it should come with a capacity of around 937 ( at 4096 m per chart ) This parcel having a bit more at 4608 m . How is the prim count that high and would I have to pay extra for the additional prim count or would the land come with a count closer to what the chart would indicate for it's parcel size ? Can I or should I IM the land owner directly for details? Not sure how this end of the deal works . Thanks !!
  5. Thanks everyone for your responses and help !! I only purchased one TV and paid around 1400 L's for it instead of a multi-pack that was a bit more. I do plan on buying land soon and building on it. Just getting practice with dealing with such issues now as a renter so I can be a better land owner in the future. I will try not to buy anything else that would need to be deeded to someone other than my own land until AFTER I purchase my own land to avoid any issues that could come up. Thanks All for your help !! I will more than likely be back later with land owner questions : ) Have a great Day everybody !!
  6. I recently rented my first house in SL and bought a Big Screen TV. I had to deed it over to my group or Landlord to get it to work If and when I buy my own land and move will I be able to take ownership of it back or will I have to purchase another TV. Thanks for any help !! : )
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