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  1. We're you wanting an "Orgy" device (group sex) or just a high-quality piece of sex-furniture that blends in well with the environment and has well-animated and scripted animations?
  2. Was your friend talking about the Xcite! Sex attachments? You can click them and they spam the whole world with a list of options based on the Xcite! Body-part worn and clicked-upon.
  3. Pink Fuel has several kinds of bust-modifiers than can really help the look of smaller bustlines (on their skins) all the way down to the "boi" look. Look in the "applier" section of their store, the bust-tattoo-layer stuff is there also
  4. Which side of the Bish were you looking for? :-)
  5. Body Doubles does a good business on their skin-specific shapes. What you are proposing just takes that to a more detailed level, so it might just work :-)
  6. Maybe you'd have better luck looking for Real Girls in Real Life? You can mostly tell who's who there ;-P
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