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  1. Just need a script to create users in my joomla website via in-world SL. Have most of the work done, but having problems salting the password, etc., in the joomla database. Willing to pay very well for speed. I do think if you know Joomla and how the encrypt their passwords, this would be very quick - just need that one part. Thanks, Drew
  2. Thanks - I was thinking about that - alternatively, if anyone has a good idea, I don't need some easy copy way to change creators - I am more than willing to build them from the maps, but like I said, just can't get the ones I make to look as good as the demos:) Thanks, Drew
  3. Okay, before anyone screams at me, I am not some content thief. I have bought several full perm items and usually they come with the sculpt maps and a full perm example - several sellers even state you can sell the full perm example In your builds, except I want it in my name. And yes, I am using these items in larger builds, etc., and thus following all terms of use. It used to be you could export it to second inventory and bring it back in and it would be in your name. And I seem to remember a script that did this, but can't find it. Anyone know if this is possible and yes I am being lazy by not wanting to use the sculpt maps and make my own - actually its not so much laziness but I can never get it just right when I use the sculpt maps, especially when there are dozens of prims and its a small object - I can never seem to replicate it as good as the example, which is why I want to use the example - which I am allowed to do - but have the prims in my name. And, no I don't want to do the phantom prim linkset thingie. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Drew
  4. I am going to bed soon and when I do I am abandoning this land to reduce my tier which would go up tomorrow. Last chance to buy it now for an unbelievable price! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Feyador/25/127/59
  5. Sorry, locations are: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Han%20Loso/63/181/61 and http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Feyador/25/127/59
  6. I paid a lot for this land - over 75k, but am looking to tier down - this land is as valuable as Bay City or any other Linden themed area. This is a nice campground area and I have put up about a 1/4 of the sim for sale - most of the sim is linden land - for just 25k. Can negotiate a little if bought today - but this is a good deal. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/De%20Haro/55/37/22 De Haro 55,37,22
  7. Tiers kicks in tomorrow so I either sell them today, or keep them and raise the price. These are two parcels - one is almost a full sim, one is smaller - both are truly nice with Linden protected roads and water - price dropped to 0.5 L per m2 for today only as tier kicks in tomorrow. Take a look at my profile and/or classifieds for location or see below. Thanks for looking. Thanks, Drew http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Feyador/25/127/59 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//63/181/61
  8. I need a survey script written that will record answers using diologue boxes and when the survey is completed will email me the results and pay the individual and make sure each person can only take the survey once. Basically, it is 50 statements and the diologue will have 5 possible answers: 1-strongly agree, 2-agree, 3-neither agree nor disagree, 4-disagree and 5-strongly disagree. I should be able to put the statements in a notecard and have them read in a diologue one at a time wherein a response would be given. Finally, I would need to configure a few questions at the end with different answers, like how long have you been in SL, 1-under one year, 2-1 year to 2 years, etc. Anyway, can explain in more detail. Looking to get this done soon and willing to pay for it. It should be easy for the right person. Thanks, DrewEvreettHart (Drew Hart)
  9. I am trying to use the current viewer and it keeps getting stuck on initializing vfs - I have searched around, tried uninstalling, reinstalling, cleaning, everything. Fortunately, the beta viewer works, but this scares me - with 4 sims I pay for, not having access is a waste of money and makes me lose confidence in SL. Does anyone know what this problem is? Everything was working fine before. And for now, I use the beta viewer. Many thanks in advance, Drew
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