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  1. I did not mean taxes as in literal. I understand the buy fee. But when you have the buy fee and you keep lowering the amount of linden that you get when you purchase it, it kind of makes you not want to buy it anymore. As I stated earlier approx. now 7 months ago I was purchasing Linden at 71.49 for close to 19k in linden now I am only receiving 16,730 for 75 and some change USd.
  2. and again the lindens drop as I pay more now I am down to 16,730. This is no offense getting crazy. I don't mind the extra (tax persay), but what I do mind is the fact that yet again the Linden flux has taken a dip when the taxes have gone up. At this point I am starting to rethink Second Life.
  3. I understand the price raise my concern was the price raise with the lower amount of linden per purchase. A little under 6 months ago I was purchasing around 19000 linden for 71.49 then noticed that it has steadily been decreasing. Now I purchase linden for 75 and some change for 16800 now no offense to anyone but that is a significant change in linden amount.
  4. I would like to know why the cost of Linden has gone up dramatically all the while the Linden amount has been decreasing?
  5. i keep getting authorization failure in marketplace why is that
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