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  1. Leia36 wrote: *smiles not sure, and thats facinating, like sea horses here is the species list that the hud supports Group Preg.Length avrg. babies samples humanoids 280 days (SL) 1 humans, nymphs, elven... rodents 33 days (SL) 10 mice, rats, hamsters... canine 65 days (SL) 4 dogs, wolves, lycans... feline 90 days (SL) 4 cats, tigers, leopards, nekos... bovine 280 days (SL) 1 cows, hippos... equine 340 days (SL) 1 horses, mules... amphibian 60 days (SL) 8 frogs, crocodiles... reptile 300 days (SL) 1 dragons... bear 210 days (SL) 2 grizzly... elephant 645 days (SL) 1 elephant, mastodon, mammoth... I would love to be there for yours Perrie :cathappy: Hello there, my question: "group" (species) means that I should write that when I want to deliver a baby of that type of animal? For example, I would like to give birth wolfies (animal: Wolf, group: Canine, as say in the list)... then, HUD asks: "what kind you want to choose (by typing in chat, if this is correct)?"... I should write: "canine"?... if I type "wolf" is correct for the HUD? I'm... very confused about this, and would appreciate any help. thank you
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