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  1. So you are saying someone that use to hang out in the Forum now works for LL and is causing drama? Inconceivable!
  2. LiveReport wrote: Kelinda wrote: DejaHo wrote: Keli Kyrie wrote: DejaHo wrote: ZoeTick wrote: I wish all the other recalcitrant recidivists would return. . Me too. I hate when the voices go away. Why would you want all those crazy voices back in your head? Because they're crazy. This is turning out to be a great party. Who are you calling crazy... I only do totally rational things! I think he was talking to you ! ARed!
  3. So I fell in love with the Doll Avatar by CoCo and I wear it most of the time. The only draw back is I can only wear clothes that the creator made for this avatar.
  4. I purchase a couple of things from the Marketplace last night. When I checked my email today I got the purchase confirmation and the notices from the Magic Boxes that they delivered the items to me. When I logged in... no objects, not in recent, not in a inventory search. This happened before when I was out of state but when I logged in on different computer they showed up. I am on : Second Life 3.2.6 (246813) Dec 16 2011 09:35:32 (Second Life Development) What can I do?
  5. Pepine sums up HippieStock Concerns:  The Security at HippieStock might be over zealous and ban/harass people with a right to be there. All the parties concerned will have a meeting with Keli and Hippie upon his return to ensure this does not happen. Security at HippieStock might not be enough and there will be nothing but griefing going on. As Ann Otolle has pointed out any attempt will be short lived and the chat and video will be recorded to post on Blogs at a future date. No one will show up, HippieStock 2 is dead. As pointed out by DQ Darwin the group has over 109 members and is alive and strong. HippieStock is only a Live Music event. This assertion is incorrect, as a eluded to by Dee and the HippieStock event post. HippieStock is a social gathering for Forum Dwellers and their friend that don't necessarily participate in the forum. So "Wasp, where is thy sting?" It seems that any drama that has been kicked up concerning Hippiestock has been the voices of the few, though powerful. /It would be my hope: that Keli and Hippie will take all power out the hands of the Drama Kings and Queens and give it to people with reasonable minds. //That a Host or Hostess is available during all of HippieStock to ensure the Performers have a harassment free zone to perform. ///That everyone will stop by even if it is only for 10 to say hi and get their name in the guestbook oops I mean Chat Logs. ////And that brotherhood not bans will rule the day. Us SLers are all made of the same pixel dust lets try to appreciate everyone that makes this wonderful world come to life with all it's happiness and drama. /////That any issues that are left can be resolved with a few IMs. -Pepine
  6. Ceka Cianci wrote: What kind of drama could there be over hippiestock? Pepine agrees. I remember seeing titles last year about some drama over it and now this year? Who knows? Drama is drama! It's a party..What kind of drama gets invented over a party? OH there is always drama at the best parties. Signed Totally Confused Don't be confused dear,,, I find the solution is put your arm around the drama king/queen and offer them another drink. Problem Solved. Pepine.
  7. Just use the full screen button in the top left conner of your viewer to make it full screen then you will be able to enter your password.
  8. Lag and grey people are two different things. If you can hear the music and move and you are just seeing grey people here is a trick. Change your group tag it will make the grey people rez and happens almost right-a-way.
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