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  1. anyone with -silenced- immersivity HUD? I have a problem with using this hud : After capturing someone, I can't see the AV of captured resident; just goes invisible. maybe i skipped necessary step while using it. If you know what's the problem, and how to fix it , pls let me know. thankyou. enjoy your day
  2. How can I export and Import Avatar Shapes?
  3. I found that my AV's walking speed doesn't match with animation, looks like moonwalking though. So I managed to get slow walking animation. But I found out that I had to click and run the animation everytime when I move. animation goes off when I turn, jump, go back etc. can I exchange walking animation into another one?
  4. Raki3R

    integrated ZHAO?

    new walking animation : ~[function-name goes here]~ (translation failed : the parameter 'appld' must contain at least 16 characters parameter name : appld. This message always appear when running specific HUDs. why this thing happens? and how can I solve this problem?
  5. I just found out that my AV's walking speed doesn't match with animation. My AV's walking gesture looks like "moon walking" . How can I change speed of my AV's walking animation? PS I'm not talking about controls.
  6. I accidentally closed viewer(firestorm) and didn't checked IM. It was about redelivery request so I must read it. --- OS of my PC is WIN 7. I'm using firestorm viewer currently. --- There 's account history, transaction history, I think IM history also exists. How can I check IM history?
  7. I figured out how to select multiple prims at once by using SHIFT key. but I still cannot figure out how to save it as a preset. [How can I save multiple selection as a preset?]
  8. More detailed, especially When I buy something IN THE VIEWER, not marketplace(web page), There is no information about it in the"shopping history". How do I check them? There's no information about the product that I bought in the Viewer trough vending machine.
  9. After changing viewer, Viewer2 to Firestorm... Something is slightly different comparing to my Viewer2-using-AV's wearing apperiance. Does Firestorm supports alpha-layering? if it's "YES", how can I modulate exposed skin, where was covered properly (not exposed) when using Viewer2. , / Plus,Viewer 2 won't show me animation like fountains, waterfall, shower bath, etc. while Firestorm shows this immediately. How can I make animation-using facilities work properly in Viewer2?
  10. Some people show their private AV's reference in white box-like place. It seems to be custom place not public place. It looks convenient because there's no obstacles when showing AV's body shifting POV. How do I go or make that?
  11. It is very inconvenient to select prim and magnify one by one. especially when I amplify the size of body parts from head to toe. How can I edit multiple prims at once? by hot-keys? tabs?
  12. Raki3R

    Teleport failure?

    When I try teleporting to high region, Only the altitude of the destination goes wrong. The most annoying destination to me is [156, 94, 322 @ Northstar polaris(maybe?)] After I try to teleport here, I there's nothing nearby my AV. And the only thing I can see on the screen is tiny red arrow pointing upward, and small red V-shaped mark in minimap. I understood this as a correct destination and tried to get close to the place where they're pointing. But I simply cannot reach there, the decresing speed of remaining distance gradually slows down and finally stops at approximately 130m and then. How can I use teleporting freely without the altitude problem?
  13. I recently recieved an IM (instruction), And the IM says, [You need to wear a prim avatar] (from Cyan*** E**** What is Prim avatar anyway? And what is the function of it?
  14. I'm trying to submit [marketplace > failed marketplace delivery] but I have a question, what is "Last attempted time?". I know the purchased date by noting history but, is "last attempted time" a exact time when I purchased? I can't remember when I bought it because several days passed, and even history won't tell me the exact time. Mail hasn't come (may be it's because of the delivery problem). And one more thing, is Marketplace Order ID an [Item IDs] or [Order #128*******] in history?
  15. The only way I found to contact with merchant is through IM or PM. [Search member>type merchant's ID>write IM / PM (I chose PM)] Is there Is there another way to contact with merchant except IM or PM(Private Message)? And, how long does it take to get a reply on average?
  16. I recently bought 2 items from BIGAVS (Macro kit), Both of them includes a HUD. I followed directly what the seller of those, but I think I missed something to make the HUD work properly. Everytime I try to activate the HUD, both of them always shows me a same grotesque result. Only the height changes. Except the height of my AV and the length of limbs (including neck) goes longer, but the thickness remains the same. And finally, my AV turns bizarre, (something resembles to stickman?) How can I make these things work properly? I think at least transforming into a stick man(?) is an abnormal result.
  17. How can I save 'current outfit' as a preset? It is inconvenient to click add/wear all those items, Is there a way to make current outfit as a preset so that I can change outfits with just little click?
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