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  1. I'm a fellow brit! Hampshire here.
  2. Ooh, I love RPing in the Bleach setting!
  3. That's a shame, I thought there would be a lot of pirate RP sims since sailing is really popular. Thank you for the reply And yes, Sea of Thieves is awesome! Ended up being on it for about 11 hours yesterday!
  4. Hiya. I've been playing a lot of Sea of Thieves and its really made me want to try some pirate RP. Does anyone know anywhere to do it? I've tried searching in World without much luck. Thank you
  5. I'm always happy to make more friends. I know a couple of people on here that are male but use female avatars. Personally I don't care if you match your RL or not. As long as you're nice to me, I'm nice to you. SL is supposed to be fun. If you have more fun as a female avi, then go for it!
  6. Honestly, I kind of want to be your friend simply because you're called Snugglebeard
  7. If I didn't have the issues I have with physical touch in real life, then yes. My mindset would be the same. I am also polyamorous IRL. Like I said, I accept that people dont' like it and have their boundries, it's just I really don't understand why platonic cuddling with friends is an issue and it's something I'm trying to understand.
  8. Yeah, I definitely agree that the opinion of the people in the relationship that matters. It's just a mindset that I struggle to understand, so I'm trying to.
  9. Not sure if this is the right place or not. Anyway, my question is... what are peoples opinions on platonic cuddling with friends (same gender or not) when you're in a relationship? For me, I personally don't care. It's just a form of affection, and realistically, it's just pixels. However, I've found that a lot of people on here really don't like it if their partner cuddles (especially with the gender they're attracted to, even if they're not attracted to the person they're cuddling) I'm someone that can't handle much physical contact in my real life due to various reasons, so I love to cuddle in SL. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any insight into this? Thank you!
  10. Thank you! Yeah I figured that out after I made some sort of nightmare creature with the sliders haha. I'll grab a Venus head and play with that. Thank you so much!
  11. Hiya I've been watching the new Dark Crystal series and I really want to make a gelfling avatar, specifically one like Deet I already own the Gelf ears but I have no idea how to get the face right. I've tried messing around with sliders but I have no idea what I'm doing. Is there a head that similar, or does anyone have a rough idea of what to do to make the head shape? Thank you very much
  12. Went here on a new alt and got kicked for being under 30 days >.> made me giggle.
  13. I'd also like people to RP and hang out with. I have a mic but I tend to just use text on SL unless I'm around my family. I've RP'd a bit, I can't really do paragraph RP though.
  14. Just curious what av you're using, I've not seen any miniture horse ones!
  15. I'd be interested!
  16. I've only ever really played the Discworld MUD. I'd love to have a Discworld RP on here.
  17. You seem really sweet, I'd be happy to be your friend
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