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  1. And in what particular way is mesh slow? In my eperience they load more or less immediately compared to sculpties which take their time as they are loaded in as textures. No one said mesh was rock stable. As with all things it takes time for things to settle in and bugs be ironed out.In the end we will have a better experience. About the advantages of meshes you just do not seem to know how they work. To keep this short, the basic advantage is that creators can make more advanced things with less polygon geometry compared to sculpties and regular prims. Meshes also make texturing easier and more efficient if the creators knows what they are doing. If there is one issue with meshes it is the last part, people must know what they are doing! Lot of creators in SL started with making sculpties and use the same techniques to make meshes. They need to relearn their workflow to make better meshes that don't use so much geometry detail where not needed. There should be plenty of threads in the forums for you to read about mesh/sculpt/prim comparisions, so no need to repeat everything here. And about the update issue I would say you are making an issue out of nothing. Would you prefer the old days when whole of SL would be offline most of the day once or twice per month for updates? Much better now as sims go offline for 10-15 minutes unless there is problems. All visitors have to do is tp somewhere else and come back later.
  2. @Helle I have have been in SL since late 2005 in one form or another so I know how the UI used to be. The UI is just the polishing on top of everything. What makes v2-v3 viewers matter is the changes under the hood. You whine about mesh being laggy and then right after state that you love the old 1.23 viewer, using old rendering engines, netcode and whatever. Almost everyone who I hear inworld complain about slow rezzing and texture loading admit using old 1.x based viewers when I ask them.Sculpties is something that should had never happened in first place. LL should had worked in meshes from the beginning as sculpties are so inefficient. Mesh suffers a bit from people who learned to model with sculpties. Them using way too much detail in their meshes. But that is another discussion not needed to get itno right now. If the UI is what matters most for you have you even given the later viewers a chance? With the UI changes made in the last couple of releases the interface is closer to old 1.x viewers. The sidebar is gone and floating windows are back. You can customize your UI to some degree by selecting which buttons are shown and their locations. The UI is much cleaner than it was in the 1.x days. Some things are still different so there will be few weeks of time to get used to the changes. But after using a newer viewer for a while the old ones will feel antique, trust me on this. They are much more laggy and crashier. Or in other words... Using old 1.x viewers is like keep driving a old leaky rustbucket of car just because you like the cupholder...
  3. Good riddance! You might as well say that you quit listening to music because your 8-track won't play mp3.
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