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  1. It worked !!!!!!!!!! you helped me already. i reconnected the skrill account once more and now it worked. I am so happy and thankful.
  2. Hey, i didn’t bought linden for a long time. The last time, it was a few years ago with paysafecards. now I connect a skrill-account to secondlife and it is accepted. i tried always on my accountside from my iPhone and from my notebook at different times. Always the same errormessage. i will give you any details you need to find a solution for this problem. What do you need?
  3. Hey i have Problems with buying lindendollar. i put the amount of linden into the Box and press the Order-Buttom. then I type my password Into the popup-window. after that I always get the message „Internal server Error“ on a white screen. And that since one week. please can you help me with buying lindendollar. thanks a lot
  4. ...eine andere Rolle geben kann. wer kann mir helfen. was muss ich bei einer neuen Gruppe alles beachten? merci vielmals
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