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  1. Please read the application if you are interested. It asks you about pay. Thank you!
  2. We are excited to announce that Flawless Developments is looking for a Marketing Manager! If you are interested in joining the team, follow the application link for more info! https://goo.gl/forms/VrgSBN2JduvsRumg2 Please direct any questions to Quiggles78 Resident! Can't wait to see your application <3
  3. Hello! Sweet Thing is in search of a scripter to help us with some projects! We are currently looking for a built-in AO script for our bento tails/ears/wings and long skirts. If you'd like to see some of our past work, just follow the link below https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/159458 If you are interested please contact Quiggles78 Resident. Also, please have examples of your work and references on hand Thank you!
  4. MadPea is looking to add some awesome new moderators to our team! Our ModPeas moderate chat and are always there to help in times of need. If you think you have what it takes, follow the link and apply! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-ro9BWsS-vogDLhyke-_PDvdcShrYuc0OlZVfDs2G8a_wCg/viewform Our group -secondlife:///app/group/07a8657f-71c9-3012-65fc-7da2e790bad3/about Please send any questions to Quiggles78 Resident
  5. Hi! Are you a designer looking for an awesome new event to join? Check out Event Envee! May's theme is Cinco de Mayo & we are ready for a party? Are you ready for the party? Check out the application below! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQs0WtDBL3ZXrlr4AKe_0hAnNrqGRY8jlLeejaNC96bS9HIw/viewform
  6. Hiya! What skills do you have? Do you have any past experience? I have a few jobs that need to be done but I don't know what you are looking to do. Have a great one
  7. I checked out this job posting. I was offered ( I have experience and a full resume) 100L to write a 200-300 word posting. However, he is looking for someone to write product descriptions for his RL website/store that is linked to Amazon. Have a wonderful day.
  8. Hiya! Very interested! I am a current blogger for your event, and loving it Would love to help you out and possibly blog your products! Thank you! Quiggles78 Resident
  9. Hello, What do you need someone to do? I am interested in working for you if you will give me some more info on your job. Thank you!
  10. Hiya Jessxx, Sent you a message for some more info! Have a wonderful day!
  11. Thank you Alwin. I had messaged the creator, just hadn't heard back. Update: I just heard back and found out it's an LAQ skin. So glad to have found it
  12. Hello! I was shopping a few days ago when I came across this pose ad. Would anyone happen to know what skin this is? Mesh Body? Mesh Head? Any info would be super helpful! I am in love with it and want to purchase ASAP! Thank you! 
  13. Hello! I believe we have spoken in the past but the timining just was not right. I am very interested in being an In Store Model! I will pass my info along to you in an NC when I am in world. Thank you & Have A Wonderful Day!
  14. Hello! Are you looking for CSR's and auctioneers? I would be interested in being a CSR if you are! I will pass you an nc with my info when I log in! Have a wonderful day!
  15. Hi Vanessa, I'll give you a bit of quick info here and if you have any other questions please let me know I've worked in land sales since 2012 so I love to answer these questions. You can buy full sims from LL or from a company. Certain sims are laggier then others. One big reason for that is upkeep. Sims that are not updated properly tend to lag. Depending on what you put in there will depend on how much lag you see. If you over load a fps, just like any land, with scripts and people you will get lag. Fps' can handle normal lag pretty well, just nothing crazy lol. If you go with a land company I would check them out first. How long have they been in SL? What kind of reputation do they have? What do their clients say about them? Find a company that you can trust with your money. The best advice I have found since I started selling land is, if it looks too good to be true then it is. If someone is offering you a huge discount or more prims then the sim actually has, RUN! Run far and fast. 99% of the time these "amazing" deals are not true. I hope this helps! Quiggles Khayman (Quiggles78 Resident)
  16. Hiya! I would be very intersted in blogging for you. I would have to find an interesting way to show your textures but I think we can figure that out! I will message you when I am in world again Have a wonderful day! Quiggles Easterwood (quiggles78 Resident)
  17. Hello. What kinda of GACHA items are you looking for? I own my own store and have thousands of gachas. Have a wonderful day, Quiggles
  18. Hello Alisa, Being a GACHA reseller isnt that hard at all if you know how to do business. I have my land and my marketplace full of gacha items. Whatever I don't want to keep I throw either on my land or in my marktplace. Doing it on the land I just rezz it out, right click, edit, and add the sale info. Then just advertise. Advertising is a big part of what keeps my business moving. Marketplace is a little more tricky and time consuming with listing but I think its worth it. Of course that is the simple version of what I do. You are more then welcome to IM me any time and ask questions or come check out my business.
  19. Interested in helping out in the manager position. However your link leads to DJ not GMs & CEO's. Thankies!
  20. Quiggles78


    While I do agree that resellers need to add the info they have I want to point out for reference (Not to you Chic) That we don't always have the info. I get gachas sent to me all the time to put in my store and I have no earthly idea what they are or where they came from. It doesn't mean we don't try. However if you have something from an extremely old gacha or not a very popular one it can be nearly impossible to get more info then whats listed on the box/item Just like playing a gahca, buying them at yard sales holds a risk. You may not get what you are thinking you are getting. I feel that what you are selling should be the right item but that's not always the case. There are people out there who still cheat people and thats where the buyer's personal responsibitliy kicks in. You can do things like Chic said ad check whats inside the object and that can make you a bit more safe. But it all comes down to if you decide to purchase or not. High Profile does not always mean good or honest.
  21. Quiggles78


    Being a gacha merchant myself I have seen some of the less the stellar practices of other merchants. Your best bet is to buy with a reputable merchant or ask to see it in world. Most honest sellers will do it. If you can't seem to find the info you need IM the seller. If you still can't get it, then your best bet is to not buy it. A lot of times we just skim over things and don't see it already listed. I very rarely come across someone who doesn't list what they actually have. For one big reason, people will NOT buy it. That's why we list as much as we can. As for when you are talking about you know we aren't the creator. Some people don't know. I teach people about gachas every day. Some people don't even know they exist or how they work. All of my items say we aren't the creator, do not buy this offline, and you have to contat LL if it gets lost. That way people know the risk they are taking. If you buy a gahca from anywhere you are taking a risk of it not getting to you or not being what you bought, Always check what you are buying BEFORE you spend money on it.hants.
  22. If you are willing to explain most people will normally hire you. However if you don't want to explain, just keep looking. There are tons and tons of places that will look past the 30 day age.
  23. I applied for this job a few months back and I was told oh I will contact you when I need you. I was NEVER contacted so I finally gave up. Then I started seeing people having the same problems. They were being told the exact same thing and never being contacted. I've talked to at least 100 people who all say they tried and recieved no answer. If it sounds to good to be true it really is. There are so many GREAT stores and places looking for people just like YOU, you just have to look. Have a wonderful day!
  24. Hello! I am very interested in talking with you about this! I've sent you an IM and I can't wait to hear back from you! Have a wonderful day! Quiggles78 Resident
  25. I have actually looked into this job several times and was very interested but a 6 hour shift? That feels like quite a bit of time. We spend a lot of time in SL but 6 hours seems a bit excsessive. Is there any wiggle room on that or anything like that? Maybe such as working when possible as long as its 6 hours or more a week? Have a wonderful day!
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