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  1. Whats wrong with alts? I have a few - some male, some female - so what?
  2. Vegro Solari wrote: One can't help but wonder why don't women try to unravel their own minds first a little, before going for the male - for example, what is it in the woman's mind that makes her *entitled* to being told about someone else's partnerings or unpartnerings? You're not this guy's mother, wife, or legal guardian just because you had some fun and went dancing before. Isn't it quite misguided to expect field reports from him? Then you go so far as to call everyone who doesn't report to you, a coward. Wonderful, loving attitude! If you had the guts to confront a decent guy with
  3. Morwen Blaisdale wrote: I am RL female and i read the first 3 of the Gor books years ago. I got that it was more geared to the boys, but I was absorbing everything SciFi and Fantasy at that time. We all have fantasies of all kinds and the erotic element wasn't lost on me. Apparantly the author has some peculiar views on the nature of women that fit more into the 19th century than anything else, but he's entitled to think that way. As long as he's not writing laws based on it, his fiction is for most of us just a good yarn. That is exactly what it is! What is surprising though - gor is v
  4. Madelaine McMasters wrote: And, I could string someone along until they were deeply emotionally invested in me, then begin to make demands. This is certainly not the level of threat one could experience in RL, but it is coercive behavior. I could also insinuate myself into your circle of friends, invite you into mine and allow you to invest in friendships with people over whom I have some influence. I could entice you to invest time, energy and money building on my land. Once I'm in that position, it's not hard to imagine I could start then start applying pressure. While its easier to grow a
  5. Madelaine McMasters wrote: As to Efurou's contention that "it is all fully consentual", I don't think that's true. Though it's more difficult to find oneself in that position in SL than in RL, we make investments of time, money and emotion here, and those investments can be threatened. If one spent significant time here, cultivated a valued circle of friends, acquired an inventory of treasured objects (with emotional and/or monetary value) and built a significant persona, it would be reasonable to expect that person could be coerced by threatening their investment. This can and does happen in
  6. SinfulPrince wrote: So, what you are saying Efurou , is that you disbelieve that a man rp-ing a gorean might ever also have a rl value system, outside of being a "D/s lifestyler" in which women are not his equal? Not saying that he's going to rush out of his suburban home and lobby for slavery, but that he might indeed be (shall we say...) less than enamored with feminism. That you expect that all rp-ers harbor no rl agreement with anything that they take on as an action in an rp? I hope that's not what you're saying . Thats a helluva presumption about what goes on in a whole LOT of peopl
  7. Leia36 wrote: If you are going to play a role, you better know the frame work and the script elements. Data on the framework should be valuable to any prospective newcomer The info you provided was completely useless to a role player. It had very little to do with role play.
  8. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Charolotte Caxton wrote: Thank you, you did not upset me, but thank you anyways. I can understand the desire to have a strong man be in control. I can appreciate the freedom one can feel in letting go, so I am not completely perplexed as to the fascination or enjoyment of a submissive lifestyle or even roleplaying one. Thank you for your patience with me, have a nice weekend as well. I was quite young when I first realized I was a bit "different" in my thinking. I suppressed that thinking, which wasn't terribly difficult to do, as my many interests competed
  9. Leia36 wrote: What is Gorean? And my answer offends you how? Ok, let me explain - again. The question was very clearly asked in a role play context. Someone wanted to know about gorean role play! The person did not ask about some sort of lifestyle - about some philosophy certain people took from those sci fi books - and translated it somehow to mean that the natural state of real women should be to be submissive to men. As a fantasy there is nothing wrong with those books - as a basis for role play there is nothing wrong with those books.....but if you take it to this level and I quo
  10. Leia36 wrote: The OP did not specify what kind of Gor in his question. If you can supply a better objective short explanation then please do so. I am not a lifestyler, if you read my posts you will see that I am part time just for fun. It was pretty clear to me the OP was searching for a place to role play. This is also in the role play section of the forum.
  11. Leia36 wrote: But to say in a few words, what Gor and gorean lifestyle means and for which people this community exists, here some guidelines: Men are men and woman are woman, they are not equal! There is a natural order existing along men and woman, human, animals, strong and weak… each one has a place in the complete whole slavery is a part of the society, a part of life The life of the female slave is a consistent, totalistic and indissoluble whole the gorean philosophy does exist, it is a philosophy for humans, living on earth, not only fiction in a few books Gor is not one way, there
  12. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Whatever. The notion that many people subscribe to a philosophy that requires females to be subservient slaves to men does not sound like anything that should be thought of as having some kind of value. I know if it is roleplay it is just pretend and I know that there are lifestyles and cultures where being a slave is a turn on or whatnot, but a planet and philosophy where women are slaves and property is not anything that I think should be touted as having some kind of philosophical merit. I have role played in gor and I basically agree with you. BUT! What yo
  13. Musetta Fieschi wrote: I kind of disagree...a lot of times (unless you have terrible judgment) exes are exes, not because they're not good people, but because they weren't the right person for you. And often make really good friends. I very much agree. I had relationships in rl that did not work out and we ended up going our separate ways - but that does not mean the time we had together had no value and I cannot look back on good memories. I had a boyfriend I broke up with and he ended up marrying my best friend. We are all still friends, hang out together, all that stuff. They are b
  14. JeanneAnne wrote: iv been thinking about this & have come to the conclusion that faking ones death isnt the bad thing .. the bad thing is letting those who think youre dead find out that you really arent .. ppl will mourn you ~or not~ the same whether youre really dead or they just think youre dead .. the hurt & resentment comes in when they realize youve fooled them .. so if youre going to fake your own death .. stay dead .. either actually stay gone or give no clue that youre back as an alt watching others reactions to your death .. or better yet do as Amethyst suggests & just b
  15. sweetie Jigsaw wrote: Because of mistakes made in his past he wanted to ' take things slow'. I can understand this, but despite the fact we enjoy many hours together talking and cuddling ( no sex) he never IMs me. Its always left for me to make the first move in contacting him, if i don't days go by with no contact at all If he was a friend of mine - I would simply ask him. Not in a whiny, complaining manner - but just straight up, "Hey, I wanted to ask you something. I always IM you first - you never initiate contact. Is there a reason for it?" If he wants to continue the friendship you w
  16. Syo Emerald wrote: You don't have to point out that the roleplaypart is the more important one at the end of the day (have some years of roleplayexperiance myself). Sure people will come back to you, if they experiance that you are nice, friendly, funny, talented and what else. But especially in the escort business a potential client doesn't know all that and has just the avatar and maybe the profile to make a choice. And again, you are bashing on "Barbie avatars". I guess I stop here to explain it again....may your boobs not break your virtual back. :matte-motes-wink: I am not bashing
  17. Sonja Smedley wrote: Maybe I love to never grow up cause I hate my RL....and I try to find happiness and love in SL...but I am sure not the victim! If you hate your real life - and instead of working on improving it - you look for happiness in sl by being a serial relationship victim.....you victimize yourself. Whenever sl replaces real life and is meant to work as a happy alternative to an unhappy real life ...well, it is simply not a good situation. If I was your friend I would tell you to concentrate on your real life and improve things there - and to just have fun with friends when y
  18. Syo Emerald wrote: You made it sound like there is just skinny barbie dolls on the one side and bbw on the other :catwink: And to the boobs: I just assumed that this maybe why so many men fall for you and that the size isn't more realistic than any modellike shape (read like: Not many women have a model shape, not many women have breasts of that size). They may not be my personal taste and I'm always ready to stand in for the advantages of smaller breasts...but I don't refuse to talk to people just because their boobs are on the way to get bigger than their heads :matte-motes-grin: Onc
  19. Hello Syo, the bbw thing was an example! Do you know what an example is? I said it is important to create an individual look - never said that look should be a bigger woman. The bbw thing was....wait for it....an example :smileywink: Anyway - when working as an escort the ability to write is still a lot more important then the look of the avatar. No need to get bent all out of shape because my girl has big boobs - I like her look and enjoy playing her - if people do not like it - they do not have to interact with me. Things are that simple in sl. E.
  20. Hello Adrian, I never worked as an escort - but I have seen the performance of a few that were hired by friends of mine. The biggest problem I saw was their lack of role play skills. One I saw sent away - with the money - because she was so horrible. People who pay for escorts do not want to just jump on poseballs and watch their pixels hump away. They want the escort to set the scene with words - make it an enticing experience for the mind. That is what it is all about. If you do not want to go that route - I believe the escorts who use voice are in demand also. But here also - some tale
  21. Senobia Xenga wrote: My problem with polygamy in the realm of SL is that an 'open relationship' is not a relationship at all. It's a sure F'k on a slow night - read: when the rest of the harem/stable isn't online. Why don't they call it what it is - F'k buddies - and be done with it? Why try to make a 'relationship' out of it when it clearly isn't? A polyamorous relationship can take all kind of forms. It it not necessarily an open relationship. Just like any other relationship - the people in it decide on the limits and how the relationship works. You sound like you had a few bad ex
  22. Dear Sonja, it is very obvious you love drama. It is very obvious you love airing your relationship problems in a public forum and playing the victim. I am not sure what you are looking for in sl - but I am pretty sure you are going about it the wrong way. OR....and that is how I see it - you simply love the drama and will continue to move from relationship to relationship - will fall in love again and again - will be disappointed again and again - and the guy will always be the one at fault. And you will always be the victim....and so the drama cycle continues. If you do not want to do
  23. Sonja Smedley wrote: For me SL is an escape from RL nothing else.In RL I had bad luck my whole life with men.I think I will never find the real unique love in RL again.I am done with this.But in SL I have still hope to find a partnet who is same like me.My opinion is...live your dream in SL...try not to mix it too much with RL .I want to enjoy everything beautiful SL has to offer and If possible with a partner who has the same reasons to come here as me.And maybe I should not ask about the relations outside of the game.I guess I saw this point wrong all the time.My way should be...SL is SL..
  24. There are many ways to be a sub. There are many ways to be a dom. You can call it what you want - a sub, a slave, a pet - the individual differences of people and of relationships will be huge. The secret is to find a person that matches what one wants out of a relationship. So - are the so called door mats and the men/women who like them wrong? Absolutely not! If it works for them and they are happy with their relationships - more power to them. Also about the cheating. There are all kinds of relationships and many of them involve more then 2 people, many of them involve having s
  25. Hey Davis, don't worry about the commitment part. Many people just play out certain scenes and then part ways again. Or they only meet for scenes when they have time - all is possible, nothing set in stone. If you are interested in being controlled by a woman - feel free to contact me inworld and we can talk about what you are interested in. E.
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