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  1. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Waif LittleBoots wrote: then an admin says he will ban her unless she does something that she OOC doesn't want to do, like cam naked or spend 6 hours a day in isolation. That is the sort of thing I am talking about, and I don;t think that woudl violate the TOS. You will probably say that anyone who gets that emotionally invested in one sim is an idiot. perhaps you are right. This is breaking the SL/RL wall - a direct violation of the SL TOS. The person demanding it could be permanently banned for it. -THAT- has happened. People have been banned for breaking
  2. I understand the girl who did not want to cuddle. Cuddling in sl is boring. When my avatar sits in a static pose like that - without any emoting (role playing) going on that describes things that happen - I get bored at staring at the pixel people. I usually begin to cam around, look at all kinds of stuff in the enviroment - while I might chat with the person at the same time. If the person who did not want to cuddle was in role play - why did her partner not chat with her in IMs. There is plenty of time to chat when one waits for the next emote. I do that all the time....no need to have my
  3. solstyse wrote: Efurou, Thanks again for another informative answer. Now if someone still wants to start rping in gor, like the OP did, they at least know the basicas of who and where they will be. Unfortunately, I consider the first paragraph of your post to be the final nail in Gor's coffin. You wrote: Ok, let me say this first - I do not even consider myself a gorean role player. I have not played on a gorean sim in quite some time. I have have played here and there in sl gor for a while - but I become bored with it and moved on to other things. But I will try to give a quick overvie
  4. Leia36 wrote: Edit What I had posted here, I have removed for now. Lets see if you can walk away. I'm done and I have no need for confrontation, hate it. Leia, you keep complaining that others keep this "dead thread" alive.....well, why would it be dead if people still post in it first of all? And then - you do realize you could have just stopped reading it if you are tired of it - and most of all - you are still posting in it! And now you are asking someone else if he/she can walks away? Ha?
  5. Syo Emerald wrote: funny to read that, since you started talking about collars and stuff :matte-motes-smitten: The thread is about a combat hud. Just because someone mentions collars and rlv does not mean that person addresses Leia personally. If she feels addressed by it - that is her problem. The thing with the rlv disabling was a very valid point. If one is worried about griefers - and has problems with it - it is smart to check the settings and if they give others powers you do not want them to have.
  6. jwenting wrote: Actually, a quality Dom(me) won't abuse his/her subs. Any other is too dangerous to recommend dealing with. If all parties agree to play it and enjoy the kink - it is not abuse in any kind of way. Perfectly normal that consenting adults play out such things. Nothing wrong with it.
  7. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Hmm... So you are saying that fantasies are a bad thing? What two consenting adults do with each other for enjoyment is their own business. If my wife wants me to RP making her my slave, what business is it of anyone else? If you don't like a certain RP, DON'T VISIT THOSE SIMS!! And don't tell me they throw it in your face at every store. 99% of stores in SL have a "no slave/ nudity" policy. Quick question for you though... Would it be ok for a Vampire to walk around with a collared Lycan? I agree with you. Pussycat obviously does not understand the difference betw
  8. solstyse wrote: Step 2. "Okay, this setting might be fun. I don't know. I want to try. Now, who should my character be..." This thread still isn't there. Page 12, and still NOTHING to tell the potential beginner what kind of characters exist in gor to pick from! until someone in this thread explains THIS, they haven't explained ANYTHING! Ok, let me say this first - I do not even consider myself a gorean role player. I have not played on a gorean sim in quite some time. I have have played here and there in sl gor for a while - but I become bored with it and moved on to other things. But
  9. hahaha83 wrote: I really just want to have fun on SL, meet people and explore new places. However, it's not all peaches and cream. I was a child avi for a bit, and I have constantly been dumped by parents who weren't ready for a kid. It seriously had a deep impact on me. I was pretty depressed. (I've had roughly five SL parents, my longest one was great, but the family totally fell apart. Then I tried being an adult. I found it hard, honestly I have no talent in scripting, fashion, hair making, or building whatsoever. so I went back to a child,then I went back to an adult, then a kid
  10. Leia36 wrote: Both posters you refer to display the typical anti-lifestyler hate that typifies any discussion on gorean RP. My relationship with my Master extends far out of gor and indeed is a real relationship. Does that limit my RP? Yes it does. Do I have my own fun in Gor? Again yes I do. Let me be perfectly clear! I don't give a flying **** about lifestylers, about how they think they incoroprate gor into their relationships - or whatever they do. But this is a thread about................wait for it.............................................role play! Someone asked about ro
  11. Leia36 wrote: What I don't like are people who use IC consequences for OOC conflicts, I have written about M & B,. To me and the majority of my friends what B did is wrong. There were so many things he could have done, yet he chose to hurt her IC in a way he knew would cause her the most grief in RL. Doing that means he is an ass and does not know what role play is. On the other hand - the woman should have said the first time he pulled that **bleep**, "Ahm, no.....we are not doing that." When she decided to react IC she validated the rp in a way. I am a big big believer of really gi
  12. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I am unclear as to what you see in her profile that is pushing the limits. RP is RP. Dulcet would be pushing the limits.. Of course that also implies YOUR limits. What is limiting to one is not limiting to another. I could tell you with certainty a good number of people find Gor to be past their limits of good RP. Personally I see nothing that is beyond my limits in her profile. And quite a few that sound like fun. Hehe, I do not even state any kind of limits or what I will or will not play in my profile. But you are right - I like to play some fun stuff. I a
  13. Leia36 wrote: I really wish you would understand what I wrote vis-a-vix the shaven head. Within the RP, the slave has made an error, The slave can, as you say, accept the punishment or fade to black, that is a given. Whether shaving the girls head is gorean or not in the RP is what the debate was about, is head shaving a valid gorean RP?. In other words would a gorean freeman shave another freeman's loveslave's hea-d as punishment. That's why the debate occurs OOC, it was not personal at all, I meerly happened to observe it. I may be new to gor, however I am not new to RP. Let me clear up
  14. Leia36 wrote: I never said "you want to do extreme things that would land you in jail rl" I said "Others want to push the RP to the absolute extreme, doing things that would land them in jail or dead in RL." Clearly if you did some of the more extreme things ROLEPLAYED in GorSL like murder, rape, abduction etc in RL you would eventually end up in jail or dead. FACT From looking at your profile, you clearly like pushing the limits. I am not judging you, I am making an observation, based upon your public profile as to how you RP. Nothing wrong with that, to quote myself; Different way
  15. Leia36 wrote: For interests sake, I will clear up what happened to my sister M and her exMaster B, in Turia. There were no rats involved, that is an entirely different event. This story is not about me, everything I will impart comes from what M told me.Also this is not an indictment of Gor, could easily have happened in any RP involving violence and sexuality. B & M where a happy couple, living as Master and slave in Turia. B had a wondering eye though and M knew it. When they became a couple M made B promise her that she would be his only slave. B found another slavegirl and co
  16. solstyse wrote: But back to the original question, which is "What is gor?" That really hasn't been answered in all these pages. You are right - so here is an attempt to explain the basics... The gorean novels are written by John Norman. Gor is a planet much like earth – and it is hidden from earth. We earthlings do not know it exists. Gor is ruled by the Priest Kings. The Priest Kings are big bugs who have determined that the humans of Gor will live in a certain way. The Priest Kings do not allow the inhabitants of Gor modern weapons and many other things we have on earth. People on gor
  17. Tex Monday wrote: . When I ask what their interests are I get the standard "Sissy is here to service Master however he wishes.". Ah! I ran into that answer a lot too. I simply do not accept it anymore. When one of my servants gives me that line I demand they answer my question in a meaningful way - I demand lists of things they enjoy. It works for me
  18. Tex Monday wrote: Here's my issue; having to work in SL (not having a premium membership or wanting to buy Lindens) to pay rent is WAY too much like RL. And as I said earlier, if my friend wasn't nice enough to charge me VERY little rent I wouldn't have my house at all. That is one of the reasons why I decided to open my house for others. I always have some kind of home in sl - and mostly I do not use all the rooms and all the prims. I often only spend an hour a day inworld - often even less. So why not let other people who cannot afford a home use my home in all the time it would be empty
  19. Leia36 wrote: By completely separating OOC from IC and making the interface entirely artificial and sterile, you lose the thing that makes RPing fun, emotion. The emotion of winning a battle, of delivering a child, of healing the sick, of helping the cause, love, death, laughter, companionship. Take away the human feelings from SL Gor and what are you left with? Its that emotion that takes the RP in unusual directions, that makes the story human and therefore more real Here is an example, A friend of mine, in getting to know the slaver that had bought her, told him that she disliked rodents
  20. Freya Mokusei wrote: Leia36 wrote: Oh Please, how many slaves have you consoled for hours because their "OOC Love of their lives" abandoned them or worse killed them OOC? Certainly most of the slaves I know, on some level, get upset when things get extreme. Any slave that can calmly separate their character getting her ovaries hacked out of her during RP is either emotionally impaired or belongs in Hollywood, even then, you don't think that any form of RP requires the player to "connect" with their characters and what happens to them? Or do we find a bunch of wooden faced bots meekly sa
  21. I have a home in sl - an old spooky house. I have just recently opened my house for anyone to use. I put the LM in my profile and people who want to stay there and use it are free to do so. I also make a house group people can join so they can place their own prims while they stay or play there. I only ask that they pick up their stuff when they leave. I really do not have that much time to spend in sl - so I thought why not let other people use it when I am not around anyway. It is also nice to have visitors. I have met some very interesting poeple like that.
  22. Words fail me..... I tried to speak up for gorean role players and make the point that - in the end - it is only role play and the players know that very well. But the gorean role players who spoke up here proved me wrong - very wrong. They are not doing their fellow gorean role players any favors! The reactions gorean role players get in sl surprise me less and less. It is their own doing.
  23. Shizomania wrote: Hello. It's me again - johannes. I'm searching for a Bondage Roleplay Place, where the User's are allowed to Build her traps... I never found a Bdsm or Bondageplace where i could set my Trap.. and slowly i think i buyed my trap for nothing . Can somebody please please help me ? P.s. I'm German. But i talk english too. You can answere in English And German ö.ö I have a place that is open for others to role play. If you join the group "Tia's Playhouse" and wear the group title - you can place things on the land. I only ask that you pick it up again when you are do
  24. Nephtides wrote: The gorean novels by Norman are among the more interesting reads within science fantasy, and at least their descriptive force is great. That women like the background more might be a first hint that most blabberers here who call it misogynistic are simply clueless. It´s generally about a society where SLAVERY is a fact of life but embedded and openly, like ancient societies were, and not slavery by women alone either, and hell, not slavery of ALL women either. Part of Gor is the Free woman, and she is honoured and valued. Part of Gor is the male slave, and slavery is harde
  25. If people do not want to pay - they can simply state they are partnered in their profile. What difference does it make if it is stated in that partner box - or somewhere else in the profile?
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