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  1. I have role played a lot - I do not like people to godmod me, to powergame, or to use OOC information IC. I know it happens - but there are places where those things are really  frowned upon - so finding such a place helps in cutting down on the problem a lot.


    The length of emotes hasnothing to do with "playing strict" or doing role play right. It is not a matter of right and wrong - it is simply a matter of preference. I like a decent length of emote when I role play - and I also write more then two or three sentences.It does not take me 20 minutes - that is way  too long. I am a fast typist and it takes me between 3 and 5 minutes to post.

    But as I said - that is strictly a matter of preference.

  2. SegmentationFault String wrote:

    Hah!  Thanks, Theresa.  Glad to know it's not just me.

    Jewel and Marigold, after all these years I'm very familiar with the amazing skins available both for free and for reasonable proces in the marketplace.  But as I said, I'm fond of my self-designed avatar with her nerdy, totally non-glamorous freckle face and thick glasses.  Obviously I'll have to settle for somebody else's design since that feature no longer works properly, but it's a shame.

    It's also a moot point.  Since my RL wife started joining me in SL, I almost always use my male avatar.  She feels weird going out dancing with the homely nerd girl, and the male almost never wears any kind of makeup :-)



    You can update your avatar for free....there are so many good freebies these days.



    And you can customize the skins these days to fit your own taste.



  3. Trinity Yazimoto wrote:

    no,  but seriously.......even if it was possible, or even if you are a noob.... how can someone compare what could be a rape of an avatar to a real rape ???? 

    HOW ????


    So very true! It is crazy to compare rl rape with someone staring at some pixel person at the screen who might be humped by another pixel person - until the one pixel person who might be tricked into the act can tp away.


  4. Staralien wrote:

    Here's a can of worms I just opened:

    If your avatar is raped, (if such a thing were possible to do against your will) can you prosecute the person in real life? Should you be able to? Rape is a violent act, and in this case it would be basically raping someone's mind. Mind rape.


    It is a non issue - because it is not possible.

  5. Kettarah wrote:

    Haifa is a good place. They will help you learn the basics and get a backstory. I got there a couple of weeks ago myself. Look me up if you come by - Kettarah.

    If people are looking for role play - I actually would not recommend Port Haifa (if that is the place you mean.) It is a mostly a slave training place and it asks a bunch of OOC crossover from slave role players. Most people who only want to rp are not into that.

  6. Syo Emerald wrote:

    I don't have an issue with that. I simply showed you that you could also be an easy target for hate. Not liking child avatars is one thing, but spreading false informations and hate isn't the way to deal with them. I'm just trying to make you think about who it could feel to be on the other side of the fence.

    If people want to go on and on about the stuff you mentioned - if they like to show their ignorance like that - they can be my guest  :-)

    Not sure where someone spread hatred about child avatars.


  7. Canoro Philipp wrote:

    one thing we must avoid tho, is to attack someone because we dont like how that person decide that their second life would be, you have the power to control the environment of what you would like your second life experience to be in your land, outside of it, we all deserve to be safe, and our beliefs respected, as long as we are not hurting anyone else.

    I agree with that.  No one should be attacked because they want to play a certain character. What I do not understand is players who demand they can play on privately owned sims when the characters they play are not wanted there - and they feel like their rights are violated somehow. If they are on sims where their avatar is allowed - they should be left alone!

  8. Syo Emerald wrote:
    And that you jump in to aid a troll doesn't supprise me. Your previous posts in this forum told me enough. But hey, you could help her...you have enough topics to offer she can continue to write about. Incest for example! Great topic to practice calling names. Or maybe a step further....something creative...yes...people exposing their breasts online, people being fat....endless options to chose from. A basic topic to start with would be BDSM, naturally. Or a thread about how weird Gor roleplay is, thats close to be classic.


    I have no clue if that person is a troll or wants to cause drama. I know for sure that none of it has to do with how old a topic is. If people do not want to feed the troll/drama - they can simply not answer and just ignore the re-opened thread.

    All the other stuff you are going on about here - I have no clue what that is all about..... You have issues with people who like a bit bdsm here and there in sl?

  9. Syo Emerald wrote:

    You are a lame troll. Get some better topic. Ranting about child avatars is so 2009. Can't you come up with something entertaining? Your false arguments are boring. Come on, you can do better.

    Why would anyone be bothered about someone discussing something on a discussion forum? What does it matter who old the thread is? If the people complaining about the age of the thread have nothing to add to the topic - they can just not answer, no?

    I find child avatars annoying also. And no - it does not violate anyone's human rights to ban child avatar's on a sim. Sim owners have the right to invite or ban whoever they want for any reason they want. They pay, they make their own rules. Not everyone is allowed in my rl house - it is my decision who visits me and who not - does not mean I violate anyone's rights.

  10. ImaTest wrote:


    As for the poster who asked how someone can not like interacting with humans. The furry thing is irrelevant. Of course there aren't many furries running around in rl. That doesn't mean every person on the planet has to be a social little bumblebee. There are plenty of people who truly are not comfortable around most, if not all, people they encounter. There could be any number of reasons why, including physical, emotional, psychological, etc.. That doesn't mean they won't ever interract with people, it simply means they have difficulty(to varying degrees) and would much rather not have to do so


    If one of my sl friends of aquaintances told me they are so uncomfortable around humans - they do not want to interact with them in sl or in real life - I would tell them to step away from sl for a good long while and sort out their rl issues. There are NO furries running around in rl - it is a fantasy people induldge in - and as soon as they have issues makes a very clear distinction between fantasy and reality - there is a problem. I tell the same things to people who play in Gor by the way - who think they are "gorean."

    The furry thing in this case is very relevant - have you not read the OP?



  11. Serxjo001 wrote:

    I have decided to give the Gor scene a try.....the diverse culture and roles in the gorean world interests me....but the problem is finding someone willing to help me settle in.....like helping me find a role and guide me in my early stages....any help would be greatly appreciated.....thank you

    Great role play guide



    Important things to know when playing gor :)




    If you want someone to help you - it might bebest to find a sim first where you want to play. Other players usually invest into people who want to spend time on their sim. Some sims also have some welcome programs and stuff like that. You should decide first which role you want to play - so people know where to start when helping you out.


  12. MartinaVaslovik wrote:

    Friendship bracelet????

    Well I didn't take it from him and told him I could deal with the creeps just fine, but I kept wondering what that bracelet could really be, and why he would not tell me what it does, and why he's being so cryptic about it. After talking to a couple of my girlfriends in SL who are quite experienced I found out what it really is, it's a
    bracelet, and
    that scumbag wanted to make me his PROPERTY!!!!

    A girlfiend told me about kajira and I looked it up, finding that a man can hide that in anything, clothes, a collar, jewelrey, or a bracelet, and that's what he did, then tried to trick me into taking it and becoming his slave! I'll
    KILL HIM!!!!



    First of all - if the guy did try to give you some scripted item and thought he would "own" you if you put it on - he is an idiot.

    All things in sl are consensual - so he should know that giving you some item means nothing.

    I do believe, however, that you are massively overreacting. Most likely - that bracelet was just some cheesy  friendship bracelet and nothing else.

    Even if it was a scripted bdsm item - you could have looked at it before wearing it - seeing the scripts and so on. Then it would still have been YOUR choice and YOUR choice alone to wear it or not.

    Even if you did wear it - it would have been YOUR choice alone to take it off again.

    No owns anyone in sl - unless it is two consenting adults agreeing to induldge in that fantasy. If you are not into that fantasy - do not engage in those kinds of exchanges.


    So, you can calm down - no one can make you his or her property. Such things are always  done consesually and both sides want it. Most of Gor is actually pure role play and people never take the role of slave or owner out of character.

    If it does cross OOC lines - it is always consenting adults who want to do that kind of thing.



  13. I do not agree that no one should ever change for anyone. Relationships are often based on compromises. If both people want to make it work - then compromise and coming to a solution where everyone gives a little is perfectly fine.


    I never had a relationship where I did not have to compromise on certain things. My  question is -how was that person "not comfortable" about interacting with humans in real life? I do not see many  furries running around when I leave the house rl - what is that all about?



  14. 2013UK wrote:

    Where can I find a non Gorean Master?

    Are there good places to hang out?

    Do you know of a Master looking for a submissive?

    Are you a Master looking for a submissive?

    I practise the lifestyle in SL and RL but I don't do Gorean RP nor do I share my Master with others and I won't just wear your collar you need to win me over

    Please contact me in world or reply here


    Scarlet (2013uk resident)

    It sounds more like you are looking for a Dom then a gorean master. I am not sure how happy you will be by looking for a gorean master. Gor in sl these days is mostly strictly role play. Role players are often not interested in any kind of OOC m/s exchanges. If your heart is set on a gorean background - look for gorean lifestyle sims.

  15. Qie Niangao wrote:. (There's a lot of variety in Gor regions and role play, so you may need to be more specific to get more useful suggestions.)

    So very true! What kind of gorean cultue are you looking for? Are you a pure role player - or want a bit of IC/OOC crossover? Are you an experienced player or do not know the lore? More into paragraph rp or tend to be a one liner? More interested in playing your daily life - or more interested in more spectacular storylines? Do you have limits you want respected?

  16. Pussycat Catnap wrote:

    SinfulPrince wrote:

    Pussycat Catnap wrote:

    Waif LittleBoots wrote:

    then an admin says he will ban her unless she does something that she OOC doesn't want to do, like cam naked or spend 6 hours a day in isolation.
     That is the sort of thing I am talking about, and I don;t think that woudl violate the TOS.  You will probably say that anyone who gets that emotionally invested in one sim is an idiot.  perhaps you are right.

    This is breaking the SL/RL wall - a direct violation of the SL TOS. The person demanding it could be permanently banned for it.

    -THAT- has happened. People have been banned for breaking that wall before.

    Anyone fool enough to think it is not a TOS violation, does so at the risk of their account.

    So if you come on my land and we both are OOC and I say "people who come to my house and wont call me "sir" I kick out you're telling me I can't kick you out cuz we're OOC? 

    You could sell me sexual harassment with regard to
    the camming.

    That part. Camming.

    Breaks the wall between SL and RL.

    If you demand I hand over RL info, you've violated the TOS in a bannable way.



    Stay anonymous

    Don’t ever tell anyone online your “real life” information
    , including your real full name or your parents’ names, home address, school name or location, phone/mobile numbers, social security & credit card numbers, or
    anything that shows what you look like such as a photo, video or webcam link
    . For your safety, we do not allow other users to search for you by age or any other personally identifiable information, and it is important to keep this information private. If someone asks you for this info, don’t give it to them!
    Report the incident inworld at
    Help > Report Abuse


    1. Disclosure

      Residents are
      entitled to a reasonable level of privacy
      with regard to their Second Life experience. Sharing
      personal information about your fellow Residents without their consent
      -- including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, alternate account names, and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their Resident profile --
      is not allowed
      . Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants' consent are all prohibited.


    Consent is voided when something is made a condition. Such as will ban you if you don't do this. This is just how the real world works, and it made further clear by the bit below:

    8.2 You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person's rights.

    You agree that you will not:

    (v) Post, display or transmit Content that is harmful, threatening or harassing, defamatory, libelousOn, false, inaccurate, misleading, or
    invades another person's privacy;


    There are many conditions you can put on a person being a part of your sim or your RP or your SL scene. Forcing them to give over real-life information is NOT one of these.

    Oh, and on the "sir" part...
    You could probably be a jerk and require people call you sir - but that's not where this kind of thing comes up. "Sir" is a strawman distraction attempt. It comes up with harassment.
    There are rules about harassment in SL as well. Quite often I see not this "Sir" analogy you made, but the defense of "can ban anyone they want" made for racist groups.

    The counter to that is:

    (vi) Post, display or transmit Content that is obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;



    Teen safety guidelines? Really? And I thought we are all adults here.......I especially thought the person who wrote the OP is an adult. Teen safety guidelines are irrelevant in this case.

    Of course it is true people should be careful with their rl info. But people exchange rl info in sl all the time - they get to know each other, become friends, start talking on voice, share things about their lives - some even get married rl at some point. Of course they will ask each other rl questions - there is nothing wrong with asking. If poeple do not want to share such info they can simply say  they don't share any rl info - problem solved.

    Someone wants to find people to get on webcam with? Hey  not my thing, but if they find other consenting adults - I am not saying they are wrong. I would also not be upset if someone asked me to do it ...it would go something like this:

    Hey, you want to get on webcam?


    But then you cannot play on my sim anymore.

    Fine. Bye.

    No one can be forced to give such information - no one can be forced to do anything in sl. What is wrong and against the TOS is to spread around rl information one has about others. If that happens - completely different story. But just asking for it? Pfft, that would mean 90% of the sl population would be in trouble with the Lindens most of the time. Even when I just ask someone how their day was - I am asking for rl information.


  17. Waif LittleBoots wrote:

    The specifics of my situation don't really matter.  The consensus on the more general point seems to be that SL is a lawless, unregulated community as long as there is no TOS violation, and people who get manipulated or abused are just too stupid or weak to protect themselves.

    It actually matters a lot. You cannot expect people to give you an opinion - if you do not tell them what it is about.

    The TOS are the laws of second life.....people might be assholes but as long as they do not break the TOS, they can be assholes and other people can react to it as they want.

    Same is true for rl - as long as people follow the laws they are good. There might be consequences if they act like assholes - but there will be no legal consequences. If someone acts like an idiot then people can react to it as they want - they can tell the person he is an idot or stay awawy from the person or whatever - as long as they don't break the law - they are free to do as they want.

    SL actually is far superior when it comes to protecting oneself from such assholes. Everything in sl consensual - no one can grab us and force us to do anything or inflice pain on us in this way.

    As long as the person does not break the TOS - you can react to it in a way that works for you - you can stay away from the person, even mute the person. I don't know what else you would possibly want!

  18. Demosthaenes wrote:

    I have been roleplaying since 2006, but I have never become involved in Gor. The only things I know about it are stereotypes, but lately I have been hearing more about it which piques my interest. Some, however, are conflicting messages.

    Where can I learn more accurate information about SLGor? I have heard that SLGor is different from the books. I was thinking about being a kajirus, but then I was told that men playing such a part are supposed to be -quote- "wimpy and feminine" -unquote-, which I do not wish to be. Whre can I learn more about this?

    And where (besides PeKaS Designs and ~S&S~ Designs, both of which I already found) can I find good Gorean clothing for free or affordable prices? It seems most places [that I have found] cater more to women's needs than men's, but I might just be missing them.

    This is a very good source of information about gorean role play:


    It explains a lot of things that are important for people that are new to gorean role play. The good thing about this guide is - it is really about role playing a gorean - and not about gorean life style. The guide explains that difference also.

    I do not believe you need to read a bunch of books - or even one book if you want to jump into gorean role play. If you start playing and you really like it - then decide if you want to read the books - or not. But who wants to read 2 or 3 books just to test the waters when you do not even know if you will enjoy it.

    You can play a slave in sl gor - and that does not mean you have to be whimpy or feminine. While in the novels the men where clearly naturally dominant over women - men were also enslaved - they just usually did not take to it as well as the woman :smileywink:

    So an average gorean guy who has the bad luck to be enslaved would have been used as a work slave. They are portrayed as not liking it very much in the books - so they are simply played as men who happen to be enslaved.

    There are also male pleasure slaves in the gorean novels. They are described as less dominant and are described as rare. Other gorean man would look down on them - because they gave up their natural right to be dominant over women. Such a male silk slave would most likely be owned by a high caste or rich gorean free woman. I have played that out - me being the woman of course - in gorean role play and had great fun with it.

    You really do not need a lot of clothing when you play a male slave. If you can find one good tunic you are set and can begin to play. Just stay away from wearing girly silks as a male slave - it just does not look right. No need to look for someting specifically for a male slave - any tunic - even if advertised for a free character will do - if it is simple and does not look like it is a garment that shows a person's caste.

    When you tp to a sim - always read the rules. If it is a life styler sim and you are not interested in that and only want to role play - stay away from those places. They are not for you.

    Good luck and have fun!


  19. Waif LittleBoots wrote:

    Not investing money.. becoming "invested" in the emotional sense.. spending weeks or months on a certificatoin process and then being asked to put up with OOC abuse or to change their avatar completely to remain at the sim.  Maybe a hypothetical scenario (not what actually happened to me) will explain what I mean:  X spends three months at sim Y on a 12-level certification process, 2 or 3 hours a day.. all her friends are at sim Y, it is her SL home.. then an admin says he will ban her unless she does something that she OOC doesn't want to do, like cam naked or spend 6 hours a day in isolation.  That is the sort of thing I am talking about, and I don;t think that woudl violate the TOS.  You will probably say that anyone who gets that emotionally invested in one sim is an idiot.  perhaps you are right.

    Why don't you just state exactly what happend and what the grievance is you have. Then people can give you an opinion that is actually based on what happened and not some hypothetical stuff. It makes very little sense to ask for an opinion if you do not want to tell people what the issue is.

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