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  1. Yes I tried that but it crashed my computer. Not too handy, but thanks anyway.
  2. 4.00 Bg RAM 64-bit OS 4 core processors Display Adapter Type ATI Radeon HD 5450 DirectX 10 Does any of this help? also I did a little searching last night and I think I know what the problem is. but what do you make of it?
  3. I am getting sick of this c**p everytime I got to lauch the game I don't even make it to a login screen all i get is some STUPID CRASH LOGGER!!! when it gets to initializing VFS it crashes it opens a new window in the top left corner saying gathering hardware information, app may appear frozen. then that closes and another opens in the same place saying something like "server try1" I can't remember because I unistalled it before I got that window pop up one more time and went beserker on my computer. anyone out there know how to completely obliterate all data of this game I have trie
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