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  1. Sadly no, the body has its own UV which is why we can't just grab any skin. The head however is bom and partially omega compatible (including the skin but not most makeup layers).
  2. Hi everyone, I've finally convinced my male friend to change his head from the Aesthetic Enzo, for a Lelutka Skylar. Now we need a skin the only brand I could find for a white human was Sinful Needs. Are there any others? Both omega or bom would work.
  3. Thank you for your answer, unfortunately our school does not provide a SOCKS proxy, only an HTTP one. I guess it's impossible then, unless there's some way of "converting" HTTP to SOCKS
  4. Hello, I am trying to connect to SL on my uni's network, which uses an HTTP proxy with authentication, as well as a VPN. I can't use the proxy settings on the viewer because of the authentication. I have tried using Proxifier, but I get stuck at "waiting for region handshake". I am able to log in when I am not on that network so I know my firewall isn't to blame. Is there anything I can try?
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