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  1. Noted on that and now i understand the reason why there is non modifiable & modifiable. ;/
  2. What about the hair that has script and i cant edit the linked part ;/
  3. Thanx Jasmin, Will try all the tricks given here.... )
  4. Thanx all, will gif it a try, Yey ~~~ :matte-motes-big-grin:
  5. Any idea whats the trick with the hat? Whenever its put on, the hair will appear out of it and even by moving the hat to and fro doesnt do any good except the avatar is bald. Resizing of hair dont work either. Any tricks to this ? :matte-motes-confused: Thanx
  6. LOL.... yup will work on it :matte-motes-dead:
  7. I love mysterious waves . Great picture.....
  8. To increase profit margin and reduce labour costing maybe..... :matte-motes-silly:
  9. I bought a mesh and it seems to be slicing my thigh :matte-motes-crying: And they are not cheap... Checked with designer and only option is edit body parts which i totally dislike or i will end up like alien again. Sigh ~~
  10. Thanx Again Angels, My problem solved & its bank fault. Was able to conclude my transaction after the completed their daily server maintenance. Rgds Vv
  11. Hippie!!!! You are the one teaching me how to build a box in helping haven !!! Regards Vv
  12. Hi Valerie, Thanx for you lead. I have sopken to Paypal and they insisted me to speak to my bank Online Banking Tech Team and not their Customer Service as the problem generated from their online technical side. Since its 8.30pm my time, i can only speak to customer service and true enough, he cant help much as he need to refer to the "back office" which only operate from 9am-5pm!!!!! :matte-motes-sour: So he can only suggest that i try to repeat the transaction again after they perform their Reset Maintenance around 12 midnight otherwise I will have to call back on MONDAY to get hold of
  13. Hi, Is there and problem with Linden Lab server or are they updating it as i was unable to purchase some Lindens via PayPal? I have followed their setup requirementand changed the billing limit for Linden Lab and it still cant go through. I will call directly to paypal support but i am certain they will say its the merchant issue. ;( AND I need to SHOPPPPPPP..... lol Regards Vv
  14. Oooo... i am interested. Will contact her when inworld. Rgds Vv
  15. Hi Kama, Interesting topic to learn and good work...... Now no more free sex...lol ;p Regards
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