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  1. Hello everyne. I have just purchased Avastar and I've created mesh before in blender. Since I do need a few little linden$ to sruviv in the world, I thought I'd create a bit of clothing to sell in the marketplace and see how it goes. I've watched the videos about avastar in the website but when I felt ready to start creating, I was struckwith a thought: what about sizes? The avastar videos don't elaborate much on this aspect, as hey use the standard avastar model to demonstrate attachments (which is what I'm doing, I suppose?). So... what do I do about sizes? To add to this question, I've seen the video that also talks about avastar and fitted mesh. It is a little strange to me, but I guess it's a matter of getting used to it.But if I DO opt for fitted meh, do I model it using the standard avastar model? (with the sliders unaltered) A final ote: I wanted to make a spring dress with a baloon skirt and I'm not sure fitted mesh will work so well. What is your opinion on all of this and can you give me some advice on what the best method would be?
  2. Thank you very much Tari, that was very useful. I'll take a look at the RFL. I AM trying to get exposure mroe than anything and trying to build a client base that wll return to the shop. Right now, all fo my sales have been spontaneous buyers who haven't returned (I'm sure there's one or two exceptions), and I want to change that. ALso, I want more people to know my shop exists. Also, I'm working on bettering some of the pictures of my items. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Thank you very much to the people that gave me help and even to those who have offered me deals for a in-game store. I'm very very grateful. I follwed the links and foudn the Second Marketing blog which is fantastic. But it seems no one answered my question yet. Do promotional events like fairs ans stuff exist in SL and how do they work? Thanks for any help you send me.
  4. The root prim WAS entirely made by me. ABout 90% of this was made by me and I think I must have used an object that wasn't full perm at some point and didn't notice. However, now when I delink everything, the prims that I made myself still says I'm the owner and creator but deny me access to changing the permissions.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for some information. My shop is only on the marketplace since I don't have enough money to pay a ocntinuous rent of a shop in-game, but being a new shopkeeper there is a thing I noticed right away: huge competition. Or rather, sometimes it's not really competition per say (since I sell for a niche market that's not all that developed yet) but rather that there is an overload of items for sale: everyone is creating something and that makes it difficult for my items (and my brand) to get the attention. So I've been looking into ways to promote my shop in the game. I've heard of things that are similar to flee markets and item fairs, where you can sent out a small corner and set out your items and promote your shop during the fair/event. Does this actually exist? What are these events called and where can I find them? And, if possible, a brief explanation of how they work? Also, if you guys have any suggestions on how I could better promote my shop, please let me know. I'm really looking for information. Thank you everyone!
  6. I was rtying to avoid having to build this thing from scratch again... It's really strange that even after delinking everything, the prims that are mine I still can't change any permissions... Is there no way to fix this? I already rezzed and delinked and rezzed again but nothing changed.
  7. Hello everyone, I have yet another problem I need help fixing. I've built an entire machine that I plan to sell. I've used a few items that I bought in the process that were full perms, however, when I linked the whole thing, some of the permitions were already set. I wanted to sell this with full perms and I couldn't. So, I thought naturally I must have used some item that wasn't full perms by mistake. So I unlinked the whole thing but when I clicked on a prim that was entirely built by me, the permitions were blocked! I couldn't change them! I'm still credited as the creator and owner of the prim, but I cannot change the permitions on the prim. Also, the prim in question does not have any content. This is the first time this has happened. How can I fix it?
  8. Yes! It works perfectly! Thank you Boa!
  9. Hello everyone. I know little about scripting, so I need help solving something. I'm using a very simple llTargetOmega script to make an object rotate around tiself horizontally. But it only spins counter-clock wise. How cn I change it to spin clock-wise? llTargetOmega(<0,0,1>,PI,1.0); Thank you very much!
  10. Not sure if I should be posting this in the scripting section, but here goes anyways: I've been making a couple of hats that I want to sell and since I want them to fit on the majourity of people with different hair styles, I wanted to know if there's any way to hide the hair sticking out of the hats. Something like an alpha, perhaps? Is there a way?
  11. Simple and quick question: How can I find out how many prims a creation has?
  12. Thank you very much! After deleting both local and roaming, SL finally worked again. By the way, that was A LOT of trash! And I've only been playing for about 2 months! 0.0
  13. SInce yesturday, I cannot loggin to SL. When I start up the program I get a window that quickl dissapears saying something like "Crash Logger initiated" (It's too quick for me to read exactly what it says) and then SL seems to be starting up alright, but it freezes in "Initializing VFS". Anything I can do to fix this?
  14. Hum, I've heard of blender before. I'll give it a try, then. Seems like I have a lot of work ahead. I'll watch the tutorials and see if I can find my way around. Anyways, thank you very much for the info.
  15. Hum, that's not good news then... Alright, so first step is to learn about mech items. Any tips on a choice of program (free please) or some learning tutorials (either in SL or in RL) to give me an idea on the basics? Or even perhaps any tools that I could get on the marketplace.
  16. Hello everyone, this is my first time in the fashions forum, please take care of me. I've been in SL for more than a month and have created some little things for a shop and I'm very interested in steampunk. So I wanted to try and create clothing for the first time. I've got a flexi-skirt generator which I've already had a go and created a skirt with several sizes and etc, so I'm getting quite used to it. But I haven't quite found a way to create good tight skirts, that flow well when you walk. My goal is creating something like this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Schadenfreude-DeVere-skirt-DEMO/3085481 I want to know how to make that falling fabric on the hips, how the make the tight skirt and how to make the flowy skirt at the end. Also, I'm wondering: does this have anything to do with sculpted prm I unfortunately haven't been able to learn anything about them yet, so if this type of skirt is only possible with using sculpted prims, let me know so that I know where I have to actually beggin. ;) ANd thanks in advance for all the advice and help.
  17. Ah, so it IS as difficult as a job I thought it was... I'll see if I can find that old script somewhere since I don't have that kind of money to spend on the tool, but I will consider it for the future. Thanks guys.
  18. Hello everyone. I'm looking for some tips on how to create the mirror image of a prim. I'm currently building my first flexi-skirt with lots of sizes and different skirt prims for each side and I've built the right side exactly how I want it. So I copied it, and rotated it and found out that that's not exactly what I want out of it. What I need is a mirror duplicate of the prim, and I have no idea how to do that. Any tips, perhaps regarding coordinates or rotations? Thanks everyone for the help.
  19. So, in order for me to incorporate something into my creation, the item has to have the persimission to modify and transform?
  20. *sigh* SO I spent all these hours constantly going around with the script and managed to get abolutely nowhere. For as much as I try, I can never get the cog to rotate properly. Now, I did pick up some questions alongt he way: -What is an axis and how can I set it to be in the middle of the cog, so the cog spins around it? -What is a child prim and how does this affect rotation?
  21. Ah, ok then. Thanks for clearing that up, the text in the wiki wasn't very specific.
  22. So I was reading what permissions were in the wiki and I have a question: I'm currently building something and I decided to add to my creation an item that I got on the marketplace for free. The item says copy, modif, no trans. I went to see what no transform was, but I'm confused: DOes no transform mean I cannot incorporate the item onto my creation (which I intend to sell)? Note that the item I'm incorporating was distributed for free. How does this work, exactly?
  23. Wow, so many replies! Ok, I think I'll start with omega then. Hope I can make head or tails of this, since I've only started looking at scripts yesturday. If I have any questions I know I can count on you guys.
  24. Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to second life and just started building stuff and descovering scripting. This is what I'm currently working on, and I need help with a few things. It's steampunk-ish and I got puffs of smoke to come out of the pipe. But I wasnted to do some mroe things and don't know how: 1. I wanted to make the cogs turn, but have no idea how to do so 2. Wanted to make both the cog movement as well as the smoke start/stop when touching the object Bonus question (:D): Should I add sound to this? Thank you very much for the help and hope I managed to post this in the correct forum...
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