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  1. deGebelin request Ceka be more focused. deGebelin gets paid in bullion, his time is valuable. deGebelin asks that you reread. Interpretation: Our future demands your focus.
  2. deGebelin glances down.. deGebelin reads the Three of Swords, the Page of Pentacles, the Two of Pentacles in his three card spread... deGebelin asks Knowl Paine to seize this moment; feel the energy; visualize the cards, and let the energy flow through his pixels... Interpretation: 3+7+2=12 deGebelin questions himself aloud...why are there only 10 letters in Knowl Paine? deGebelin pauses................... deGebelin asks Knowl Paine if he is the Boar?
  3. deGebelin continues... deGebelin drew the L'Amoureux clarifier and pondered. deGebelin looks at his spread and associates the clarifier to the HangedMan Arcana... deGebelin draws several conclusions all with more questions. Interpretation: A choice is to be made... deGebelin wonders what is being held back? deGebelin L'Amoureux are at a crossroad..sitting on the fence with regard to destiny. deGebelin peers into Ceka's eyes... deGebelin inquires rhetorically, shall I draw another clarifier on the HangedMan? deGebelin needs to understand what is blocking L'Amoureux.
  4. deGebelin does not lay a spread for Ceka Cianci. deGebelin eyes Ceka as he turns the next card on his spread... deGebelin looks down and stares intently at the card... deGebelin is consumed with curiosity. L'Amoureux -The Lovers deGebelin ponders the significance...
  5. Glances at the spread laid before Dresden... Pauses at the Major Arcana: Wheel of Fortune. Looks at what surrounds this trump.. Interprets as an introduction of an element of change in Dresden's life, such change being in station: the poor becoming rich. A turning point: Opportunities, possibilities. Interpretation: Dissension, change: Approachability.
  6. I read bad things in the cards. Very bad things. Turns the next card. "HangedMan" I ponder...the tree of sacrifice is living wood, with leaves; the face expresses deep entrancement, free of suffering; the figure, in itself, suggests life in suspension, but life - not death. Some read the card falsely as card of martyrdom, a card of prudence, a card of duty. I will say it expresses relationship, in one aspect, between the Divine and the Universe. This is my card. Solo cards can not be turned.
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