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  1. I find it both very odd and kind of weird to have friendly chat about 'parents' in an adult content forum. Especially in a thread about BSDM, and being collared.
  2. Sephina Frostbite wrote: .. Sorry hun Attila? Where?
  3. Lucretia Brandenburg wrote: That is a very moving story, thank you for sharing it with us. Yes, I, too, had a bit of a movement after the first few lines. I think we all experienced the same. Thank you. PS Or was it the prune juice!?
  4. Porky Gorky wrote: LeeHere Absent wrote: I'm particularly hoping to get Porked. Finished? OK Ms. Absent, FIFY
  5. Lucinda Bulloch wrote: I chose this subject because it can't be proved one way or the other, I just wanted to expose the bullies in this forum that would just insult me no matter the subject, I feel that when ever I have posted here I have had the same gang just bully me driving me out, the lindens do nothing to get rid of these sick people which makes me think that the lindens are nothing but brain dead inbreds as well, seems that most here that have a red icon and claim to be helpers are nothing more than sick bullies that have nothing better to do than insult people to make themselves feel good and the lindens support them, as for the subject I would not tell you what I really thought, this whole thread was a trap for the sick. /methinks the reality check bounced. Not because of what you wrote in this particular post, but because of your entire body of posts.
  6. Great links Charolotte. The themes seem to be attracting much attention; Nalates blog, as you listed above, has a good write-up on the music theme. It also has voting -- I wanted to vote for everyone!
  7. Maryanne Solo wrote: Oh cool! Anyone can get on there then? Did you happen to mean DJ Venus by chance? *snorts Must be different pics for different regions. I haven't seen that one before. It's the composition of the image, not the individual pictured that has been the topic of recent discussion. Isn't a singing DJ karaoke? Yes, it is very cool. I, too, like the chosen music pictures as stated above. And no, not ANYONE because anyone did not get chosen. The photos are fantastic as they really capture the spirit of SL. The composition of the images by all the photographers is something to be commended, however, the composition with DJ Venus was also selected for the facebook home page. SInging DJ's are what they are... karaoke is for wannabe singers. Thank you for this great OP that captures the wonderful images of SL and the people who help make it such a wonderful place. To all the photographers, musicians, and DJ's (even the ones that were not chosen.) Hurray for DJ Venus, too.
  8. Below is the photo of DJ Venus by Ivoni Miles. Great work.
  9. These are fantastic photos that grace the secondlife.com home page. Our very own DJ Venus Petrov is featured on both the secondlife.com page AND the new cover photo on the facebook front page. This is a great tribute to all the DJ's that work so hard to make SL a better place. Congratulations to DJ Venus and the other people who are part of this display. The link to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/secondlife Great photo by Ivoni Miles**
  10. Deltango Vale wrote: Considering that SL was actually launched in 2002, Linden Lab should be doing a major 10-year celebration and marketing campaign. Yet LL is nowhere to be seen.... Does Torley still work for the company? Compare Linden Lab to CCP. Why can't Linden Lab hold a 3-day 'fanfest'. Why can't Linden Lab make presentations about its current situation and future strategy? Why can't Linden Lab produce Youtube ads for Second Life? Why can't Linden Lab do that? It is not Torley, it is the marketing department (if you can call it a department) that has been non existent for some time. It is more important to support the15 (maybe) vampire posters than that of the entire community. The mistakes by the marketing department are too many. The question we should ask is how do they keep their jobs.
  11. Yohan Roux wrote: I thought pep was blinded by his own sunshine. Yes, his head ain't up his arse...so the sun always shines.
  12. Thank you for all you do. You are an asset to this forum.
  13. Dillon Levenque wrote: deGebelin wrote: @Celestiall, I remember this post all too well. It has been all down hill from there--the RIC's and other attacks by people that supported the same individual everyone is writing about on this thread. Read the first 5 pages of that thread as well -- some of it will make your head scratch....yes, it was all down hill from that post. Stormie, ma petite crotte, is that YOU?:heart: Hi Dillon No, Stormie is banned. I am deGebelin. Can I read your cards, please?
  14. @Celestiall, I remember this post all too well. It has been all down hill from there--the RIC's and other attacks by people that supported the same individual everyone is writing about on this thread. Read the first 5 pages of that thread as well -- some of it will make your head scratch....yes, it was all down hill from that post.
  15. deGebelin starts a shuffle, deGebelin explains his excitement to the audience. deGebelin lays a three card reverse pyramid spread representing past; present; future. XVI THE FALLING TOWER Interpretation: Absolute and sudden forum change. Unexpected events; a forum undoing. XIIII TEMPERANCE Interpretation: Harmony. Bringing together in a perfect union. A forum insular provincial. 0 THE FOOL Interpretation: Beginning of a new forum adventure. Enthusiasm. Initiative. Unlimited possibilities. deGebelin interprets the spread: deGebelin reads the truth. deGebelin will not be tricked again, deGebelin is THE FOOL! deGebelin declares he is a PICard. deGebelin is here to stay.
  16. Ceka Cianci wrote: deGebelin faints. Interpretation :matte-motes-bored:
  17. deGebelin reads the cards. deGebelin blinks. deGebelin is cognizant of a void. Interpretation: for want of a script a prim was lost for want of a prim a build was lost for want of a build a sim was lost for want of a sim a customer was lost for want of customer a business was lost
  18. DQ Darwin wrote: Love that Ann, I stold it deGebelin quoted Ann's post. deGebelin also loved it. deGebelin searches his cards; deGebelin researches the OED; deGebelin looks at Urban Dictionary; deGebelin is without an answer. deGebelin does not know the word "stold" deGebelin humbly requests explanation. Interpretation: deGebelin wants to laugh 'with' you.
  19. Ann Otoole wrote: deGebelin agrees. deGebelin is glad to see peace. Interpretation: The solo griefer has been exposed and terminated.
  20. DQ Darwin wrote: I agree Hippie and I am sure all the griefing is being done now so come Hippiestock the coast should be clear. Welcome back and how is your sim all fixed now? deGebelin agrees with DQ Darwin deGebelin would think it difficult for Hippie to go back and read as many griefing posts were deleted deGebelin understands the griefing has been a rogue solo griefer deGebelin is happy the posts were deleted, and understands peace is within sight Interpretation: deGebelin still will not attend Hippiestock
  21. deGebelin reads the future in his cards. deGebelin never looks back. deGebelin will add a spread card for Ms. Quinn card if she so desires. Interpretation: Be careful what you ask for you may just get it.
  22. deGebelin thanks the moderators for their swift actions. Interpretation: The OP is about HippieStock, not Ms. Petrov.
  23. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Knowing that Hippie and the forum moderators were made aware long ago certainly informs me. My curiosity will have me asking Hippie about it when he returns. deGebelin searches over his cards... deGebelin does not read ambiguity in his cards. deGebelin is not curious. deGebelin reads trick and scams... Interpretation: Curiosity killed the cat. deGebelin suggests Madelaine, filled with indignation, should be "asking" the author of the letter.
  24. deGebelin reads his next card... deGebelin sits upright in his chair deGebelin peers at the Seven of Swords Interpretation: Predicts a loss due to cunning and trickery. deGebelin will not attend Hippiestock II
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