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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses and help, I understand it much better now. I guess the example in my OP about the allowance is moot since the land ya get (if you pick land) is free of monthly charges, unless of course ya by more land and go over 512.
  2. Think we were typing at the same time Freecilla, lol. So let me see if I understand ya, if I were to say take the house then spend LDs to buy a plot of 512 land I still wouldn't have monthly fees right?
  3. First thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate it Think I understand now, if I take the Linden Home the house itself does not count toward the max prims for the land but then I would have to then buy my own plot of land and have monthly fees. Or I can take the 512 of land, not have any monthly fees (unless I purchase more land and go over the 512) but I would have to get my own house that does get counted toward the max prims for the land and thusly restrict what I can have rezed in the house. Think I got it, thanks for the help:)
  4. What up peeps? I made an account awhile ago but just started really playing SL. I was considering upgrading to premium account because of the house, land and LD's per month ya get. After looking around abit in the FAQ's I noticed something that kinda dosen't make sense to me and was hoping to get some help. From what I have seen is that a premium account gets 512SQm of land and a house to put on it and an avarage monthly allowance of 1200 LDs. After looking some more I found the monthly land fees. Does the plot of land you get as a premium player get charged a monthly fee of about 1200 LDs? That just doesn't make sense to me, it's like saying to a kid here is your allowance but your rent is such and such. If I am reading this correctly can you postone the owning of your land or house to some later date? Or is it like take it now or lose it forever? Also are there any other perks that would make being premium better then just spending the same $10 USD a month and getting twice the LDs. Any and all help is much appreciated and thanks for any responses in advance.
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