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  1. Yes and it gave me a syntax error,, should I be inserting it before or after the other script commands?
  2. Hmmm,,, it didnt work and I was able to modify,,and delete the script but it is still there,,mocking me lol
  3. How do I remove floating text for an item, that still hangs in the air even when I try removeing the item?
  4. with up to 2048 mb of dedicated DDR3 VRAM, system bus/cache memory 3mb L3,, I am told this is a discrete graphics card but I am unfamiliar with most of this terminology. Would this be a good card for SL?
  5. How well will SL run on this card, and should I worry about overheating in a laptop?Thanks Loveangel, what about a 6650m with up to 2048mb of dedicated DDR3 Vram & system bus/cache memory of 3mb L3? I am told this one is a discrete graphics card, I am more than baffled.
  6. and is there anything I should be aware of in regards to uninstalling it if it fails miserably? Thanks in advance I am a newb-orn;)
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