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  1. it 's somehow spamming mess and still from script off the idea is to put in a nc the message that needs to turn up on the trophy itself instead of placing the text in the script but it is interesting
  2. hi i'm looking for a way to make the script from furware read of a notecard to make a prefered text to be displayed once it's set in the notecard i'm trying to make 3 trophy's for horseracing i've been trying to tinker on the script a bit but so far only errors so if anyone can help ?
  3. hi, i'm trying to create some breedables (mesh) i use critterbreeds and even tried another open source script but even though it said to drop script in the food prim/mesh wich i did somehow the item deletes itself no matter wat i try i tried naming the food (Hardfood) even tried a code in the description does anyone else work with these scripts?
  4. hi, i've set my Mastercard to buy linden and yet i can't buy linden now without virtuateq to buy linden i can't get any linden anymore. still working out paypal wich i never used making me use mastercard wich also does not work to get linden :s pls help
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