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  1. Fixation is looking to display some art! We want to feature an artist of the month every month in our hangout! for free! All we ask is that you put us in your picks! :D What's the catch you say? You have to apply. It's going to be first come first serve. Breakdown of proposal: Free advertisment of art and services [if any] for one month. Requirments: Place hangout in picksFillout application and applyWhat type of artwork can be displayed? ALL! We'd love to have a wide range. Everything from sketching,painting,digital art, photography,costuming,cosplay,music,tattooing,3d modeling, fur suiting etc We do NOT discriminate. Humans, Furrys, vampires etc are welcome. The hangout is a mature area with adult conversation and some adult areas. So I apologize, no child avatars are permited. Please visit us here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skunk%20Valley/220/145/21 Please fill out this application and submit it IN WORLD on a notecard with the title : Artist of the Month app [username here] : SL Name:Name:Art preference:Link to art displays: [attatching photos work too]Services if any: Why do you do, what you do?:What inspires you? :Submit to XxChaoticEmbracexX Resident Inworld. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below :3
  2. Hello! Out of curiosity, what are you selling?
  3. Are you into gaming? How about music? Then ..;: PowerUp::.. is for you! ..::PowerUp::.. is the most recent [to my knowledge] gamers club to hit the grid! Our goal is to create a haven for gamers to come hangout and meet others with mutual interests! We've done work with companies like 1st Act QTpi and more! I'm currently hiring reliable DJ's and Hosts! Dj's make full tips and Hosts are currently making 90% of there tips! So if your still interested in a position [or just want to check us out] come on over http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skunk%20Valley/53/172/70
  4. Hello!-- I know i'm bound to have been late. Regardless, Congrats on the L. Anyway, I agree with the others. Invest it in something you enjoy. But on a side note, I started a club/hangout area called ..::PowerUp::... It's based around the idea of developing a community for gamers. Anyone who enjoys slot machines to playing the latest Call of Duty game. Where only a couple of months old and constantly on the run for new staff and we love holding contests. But everything thats done in game is profited from such since I'm a college student and funds now a days don't come cheap! So if you'd like to donate/invest in something that doesn't have to build from the scratch up that'd be really cool! Anywhoo...Congrats again! -Ashley
  5. Still hiring. We'll provide training if needed too!
  6. ♫♪ d[-_-]b ♬♩ Got a passion for gaming and music? Then ..:: PowerUp::.. is for you! ..:: PowerUp::.. is a new club looking for Dj's and Hosts that are passionate about gaming and music. It's time to jam to tunes and get involved in a in game gaming community! We are open to all. Dj's keep 100% tips Hosts keep 90% of tips App giver in the front of the building. For more information message XxChaoticEmbracexX resident. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skunk%20Valley/53/172/70
  7. "....And so I devoured my heart, for the sake of my grace,insanity, immortality, and to ensure that I was the only one who would break it"-Chaotic Whilst building an army of angels to slaughter the misguided,tainted, and forever lost, the Generals of heavens took it upon themselves to ensure obedience. Without hesitation the generals would rip the heart out of their warriors and cast them down to hell for Satan feast on himself. But one refused to have her heart taken. She was cast out, and her heart fell to Earth. Years of searching passed with countless fighter's shed and she finally found it. But to ensure it's safety she devoured it herself.But from that moment she became stuck at a cross road, caught between the dark and light forever tilting on a double edged blade in the middle of a constant war. **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://www.glitter-works.org" target="_blank">glitter-graphics.com Centuries past and after creating a reputation amongst fellow supernatural the fallen angel developed the nickname Chaotic.As of now she travels around Earth,time,and within herself. Now that the war is at a sabbatical, she's starting to seek adventure.. Now..where do you fit in? Information: Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my posting. I'm a freelance Para/rper. Freelance as in, I'm not dedicated to a specific Simi. I like to roleplay a bit of everywhere. But as you can see I'm playing as Chaotic and I'm seeking fellow freelance new or old to interact with! I'm a very open minded individual and I like creating drama [within rp] and having a good storyline. What I'm not looking for is a RL relationship. I can't stress this enough. If a character decides to come along and try to pursue Chaotic in that way, yes and inworld relationship could happen etc. But ...it's rp people. ^_~ [P.S. there's a lot more to Chaotic..but what fun would it be if I told all of it ?] Requirements: Para/rper- I like more then one liners at times. I'm not a grammar Nazi, but it's gotta be readable. Open Mindedness Maturity-[kinda common sense, but Chaotic is no Saint and does hang in adult locations] Creativity and Originality- Bring something fun! Love keeping things entertaining and YES anyone is welcome to interact! A bit about the writer: I'm a college student! So I can't be on 24/7 but I tend to be on a lot. I live in the USA and I'm on Eastern Time. I am a female in RL and i'm not opposed to voicing to prove it. I love roleplay, and I like making friends through it. I've been roleplaying for almost 10 years. Like I said I'm open minded, any questions or if your interested hit me up inworld with a notecard or IM XxChaoticEmbracexX ~
  8. Hello! Alright, so two of my friends and myself are looking to do a roleplay that has available housing area's for rent to immerse ourselves into the roleplay. I've tried Columntreal, but I have yet to get a responce and a few other city style sims looked promosing but the activity is almost always dead. Any help?
  9. No its based on tips. It's literally brand new, where not even open yet. Also, for those of you messaging me, please send a Note card! My IMS get wacky at times and I miss messaging.
  10. Hello! Yes! another SL club is hiring! But whats this? Where a very open happy bunch that has a no drama tolerance. Where VERY open minded and willing to work with your schedual. We wanna keep a classy,friendly, interesting enviroment. We are hiring the following positions. Classy strippers [Yes classy, no notecarding or HUDS please] Djs Singers [ YES we'd love to let you sing your heart out] bands Greeters Managers Scouts Hosts/Hostesses [yes theres a difference between greeters and hosts/hostess . Contact for more info] We welcome EVERYONE [except children of course] Please contact for further information! Thanks for your time.
  11. Well My search is going to end for now. Feel free to befriend me though ^^
  12. Uhm..okay? Hahaha. I'm still in search for a guy though
  13. OH THANK YOU Sorry, still kind of new to the whole posting in the forums thing. So thank you
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