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  1. There are a ton of great things to do in second life, but you have to really understand the various reasons why you come in world too. I personally LOVE the Builders Brewery and when I can I find the time to take a class on building. It really gices you an appreciation for what goes into creating such an amazing place as well as provide you with every level of skills to create your own things. Also, roleplay should not be overlooked. Just take some time to read a communities set up and rules before engaging. you will find many people willing to mentor and help. Things like sailing, flyin
  2. SL can certainly get that way. Builders Brewery is a GREAT suggestion. If you are newer to game, then New Citizens is not bad either. Take one simple class, you will find it really enjoyable and it gives you nice interaction. Think about the reasons you came in world, the things you enjoy and decide if you fall in to the two categories of players I run into: My avatar is me, I am the same RL or My avatar is my character, I am not the same but I am playing out this fantasy (I.E I am a pirate or in the wild west) Each type will take you different places, and you will make a different set
  3. Sure, why not just buy a tail and attach it, get a swim AO and you are set. There are places that would gladly welcome you as a Merman. Try Mayreau.
  4. Since the grid is down, I thought I would post something here. Throughout the years, I have gotten to know many people in SL that have put a lot of money, time and effort into creating great content for roleplayers. This content takes many forms, and so much of it is a huge reason people come in game to play. Each person, I know that has done this never gets enough appreciation for the time and effort it takes to keep things alive and enriched, they should. Every one of us has seen content disappear for various reasons, sometimes its drama, sometimes its a loss of interest and sometimes it s
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